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Who Would You Rather Have?

An average player on a good team or a good player on a bad team?

This weeks argument is Brett Gardner vs. Ichiro Suzuki

Why Brett Gardner:

Why Not Brett Gardner:

  • Yankees are loaded with veteran outfielders and since Brett does not have the stick they do, DH is not really an option for him.
  • He is starting in LF but Andruw Jones will see a lot of playing time against lefties be it for Granderson or Gardner.
  • He hits in the bottom of the lineup and behind slower runners so his double with a man on first might not net an RBI.

Why Ichiro Suzuki:

  • Pretty much a lock for 200 hits.
  • Ichiro will see more AB in a season which gives him a greater chance to produce.
  • ...This is Ichiro we are talking about.

Why Not Ichiro Suzuki:

  • Will turn 37 this season and is no longer a threat to hit .350.
  • The lineup behind him is not that good and Ichiro needs to score runs to retain his value. 

So who would you rather have?