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Who Would You Rather Have?

With the start of the season approaching and the Brewers recent acquisition of fiery outfielder Nyjer Morgan from the Washington Nationals, this weeks WWYRH is a debate MANY will have until the situation plays itself out.

Carlos Gomez vs. Nyjer Morgan

Who would you rather have playing center field for your team?

Why Carlos Gomez
  • 25 year old speedster
  • Amazing defensive skills
  • Could hit 20 doubles
Why Not Carlos Gomez
  • Career .243 hitter
  • Only walked 17 times last season leading to a sub .300 OBP
  • Had 149 hits (24 doubles) in 2007, has 144 hits(26 doubles) last two season combined

Why Nyjer Morgan
  • Better contact hitter (.283 career)
  • More aggressive on base paths
  • Better eye and patience at the plate

Why Not Nyjer Morgan
  • His aggression has lead to an average of 20 caught stealing a season
  • Struck out a career high 88 times last season in just 136 games
  • Needs to bat at top of lineup
If the Brewers continue to bat Rickie Weeks first, which I think is a mistake, Nyjer Morgan does not fit in this lineup as a starter.  He needs to bat 1st to utilize his skills.  Gomez is a much better player to bat 7 or 8.  That being said, I think a lineup when the team is healthy of Morgan, Weeks, Braun, Fielder, Hart, McGehee, Betancourt, Lucroy/Kottaras is a MUCH stronger team than Weeks, Gomez, Braun, Fielder, Hart, McGehee, Betancourt, LucroyKottaras

If you were the Brewers GM who would you slot in at CF everyday and what would your lineup look like?