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Breakout Candidates Update

Before the season started we picked a select few at each position who we thought would have a breakout season.  We will be updating their status periodically throughout the season.  Click the position to see preseason rankings and find the original writeup.


  •  8/10 - Miguel Montero - Hitting .279 since the All Star Break, Montero is near the top of every offensive category for catchers. 
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Miguel MonteroARI4077220104525500.2720.3400.4560.796305

    • 6/14 -  Hitting .294 in June, Montero is absolutely tearing the cover off the ball.  Already has 7 doubles and a homer in just 8 games, while driving in 6 and scoring 6 runs himself. 
      • 5/27 - Hit his only home run this month last night and added 3 more rbi to give him 20.  Pretty much replicated his April stats, with out the power.
        • 4/28 -Avg dropped to .288 but still amongst the leaders in most categories
          • 4/13 - Leads all catchers in batting(.455) and has 4 2b 2 hr 4 rbi and 7 runs scored

  • 8/10 - J.P. Arencibia - Hitting a dismal .184 after the break, Arencibia does have 6 home runs in just 19 games, giving him 18, leading all catchers.

All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
J.P. ArencibiaTOR265593123821720.2220.2870.4270.714231

    • 6/14 - While hitting just .152 in June, JP has hit 2 home runs this month while driving in 8.  Even with the .239 season average he is just points below the catcher average, while leading in HR(10) and just 3 rbi behind the leader(34).  If you can withstand his low average and high strikeout rate, Arencibia is still a valuable fantasy catcher.
      • 5/27 - Average dropped to .244, but as a catcher he is showing great pop.  Now has 8 hr and 24 rbi., amongst the top in both categories.
        • 4/28 -Only 1 xbh in his last 30 ab which was a hr
          • 4/13 - In just 27 AB he has 6 extra base hits(2 2b, 2 3b, 2 hr) but has only scored 3 times

  • 8/10 - John Jaso - Has not played since July 9th after an Oblique injury.

All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
John JasoTB184012031720230.2220.3000.3390.639146

    • 6/14 - After finishing May with 5 hits in 4 games, Jaso has continued to improve.  Not only is his average continuing to climb, but his OBP is at a season high .313. 
      • 5/27 - Only 4 hits in his last 10 games, his average is down to .211.  Last year had a June and September avg below .215 and still managed to hit .263, so there is still hope.
        • 4/28 - Has not got it going yet only tallying 7 hits on the season
          • 4/13 - Did not get a hit until April 8, batting .150 and like all of the Rays, is struggling at the plate

First Base

  • 8/18 - Ike Davis - Looks like he will finally have surgery on his ankle.  A waste of a season for Ike, who was looking so great before the fluke injury.
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Ike DavisNYM20398172517310.3020.3830.5430.925163

    • 6/22 - Still has not come back from a sprained left ankle
      • 5/24 - Has not played since May 10, but his average is above .300 and he has scored 20 runs while driving in 27.
        • 4/29 - Batting over .350, now riding a 10 game hit streak, with 5 multi hit games in a row
          • 4/13 - With an RBI in 9 of the first 10 games(11 Total), Davis is 1 behind the 1b leader.  Already has 5 multi hit games and 6 extra base hits(4 2b, 1 3b, 1 hr)

  • 8/18 - Brett Wallace - Saw his last Major League AB on July 30.  Should get called back up in September.
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Brett WallaceHOU358022042534750.2850.3640.4060.769261

    • 6/22 - Things continue to slide downhill for Wallace, as he is hitting just .232 over 19 games in June.  His 20 striekouts in June are alarming, but his torrid April still has his average sitting at .296.
      • 5/24 - After a .388 month of April, Wallace is hitting just .219 in May.  He continues to struggle on the road(.250) while he is comfortable at home(.400).
        • 4/29 - During his current 8 game hit streak, he has 7 multi hit games, raising his avg to .373
          • 4/13 - Only a .250 batting avg but he has scored 7 runs and had a 5 game hitting streak before sitting April 12 against the Cubbies

  • 8/18 - Mitch Moreland - In just 30 games since the break, Moreland has just 7 less RBI then in the 78 games prior.  A .314 August has been complimented by a 10:1 BB:K ratio. 
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Mitch MorelandTEX3873121112423520.2750.3380.4530.791247

    • 6/22 - Moreland does have 17 hits in just 16 games in Junes, but his 20:2 k:bb ratio is just terrible and unlike Mitch.
      • 5/24 - Has cooled off as of late, dropping his average down to .270, and was held out of a couple of games with some leg soreness. 
        • 4/29 - Has spent 9 games in RF where he is batting .375 with 3 2b, 3 hr and a triple in just 24 AB.  Yes, that equals a .958 SLG
          • 4/13 - In just 27 AB, Moreland has 4 2b, 1 3b, 1 hr, and 5 r.  Should be interesting to see what happens to his playing time with Hamilton on the DL.

  • 8/18 - Freddie Freeman - Hitting a ridiculous .346 since the All Star Break, Freeman has become the hitter everyone thought he would be, and could finish the season with 20 HRs and 80+ RBI.  Not bad for a kid turning 22 in Septemeber!
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Freddie FreemanATL3986190134332810.2740.3470.4590.805316

    • 6/22 - 5 multi hit games in June(3 3 hit games) has kept the youngster hitting .269 for the season.  He already has more RBI in June(10) than he did in all of May but just like Mitch Moreland, he is striking out way to frequently to only have 3 walks in June.
      • 5/24 - Freeman has been on fire the second half of May, raising his average from .228 to .248.  He has 11 hits in last 8 games but just 2 rbi, as the Braves only once this week scored a run before the 6th inning.
        • 4/29 - Batting just .238, has not recorded an rbi since Apr 22
          • 4/13 - Freeman continues to struggle in the bigs, with a .194 avg and only 1 xbh(2b)
  • 8/18 - Casey Kotchman Dan Johnson - Wish I had picked Casey Kotchman and his .332 average.
    • 5/20 - Dan Johnson - Designated for Assignment
      • 4/29 - Looks like he lost his starting gig to Casey Kotchman
        • 4/13 - Add Johnson to the list of Rays hitter struggling, his .122 avg is almost as bad as his .163 obp(worst amongst any infielder with 30+ AB)

Second Base

  • 8/15 - Omar Infante - In the 20 games Infante played after the break, before breaking his finger, he was hitting .411.  He has 2 doubles, 3 triples, and 2 home runs which led to 7 rbi and 13 runs scored.  Let's hope he can pick up where he left off when he returns. 
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Omar InfanteFLA258813212721370.2510.2930.3090.601234

    • 6/16 - The average is finally up over .255 but he continues to struggle to hit extra base hits and is not scoring any runs.  His June #s are looking nice with .281 average and .350 obp.
      • 5/24 - Continues to disappoint batting just .234, 6 of his last 10 games have been hitless.  He hit over .300 the last two season, can we expect him to turn it around any time soon?
        • 4/29 - Avg has dropped to .223 and he has only scored 2 runs since we last checked in
        • 4/13 - Only batting .244 on the year but he did have a 5 game hit streak before April 12 in which he racked up 7 hits.  Has walked 4 times to just 2 strikeouts

  • 8/15 - Gordon Beckham - Since the break, Beckham has just 2 XBH(both HRs).  Beckham can officially go in the bust category and should not be drafted next season.
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Gordon BeckhamCWS346811072517600.2450.3050.3600.665223

    • 6/16 - After hitting over .300 for the month of May, Beckham is back to a .242 average on the season and has only scored 3 runs in June.
      • 5/24 - After last month fiasco, Beckham is batting .298 in May.  The average is still just .232 but it is headed in the right direction.
        • 4/29 - A brutal month of April has dropped Gordon's avg all the way down to the Mendonza line(.200).
          • 4/13 - Started off the season red hot with 8 hits in the first 4 played, but is just batting .295 now.  He has scored 10 runs, drove in 6 runs and hit 2 hr

  • 8/15 - Neil Walker - Walker's second half of the season has seen his average slightly increase, but the power has nearly disappeared.  Just 6 of his 32 hits since the break have gone for XBH.  However, a 2b with 67 RBi and 56 runs scored is very valuable.
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Neil WalkerPIT478716285932670.2640.3290.3980.727364

    • 6/16 - A .227 average in May was bad for Walker owners, but he actually had more RBi than April and had less strikeouts as well.  Walker has yet to hit a double in June though, while hitting just 1 triple and 2 home runs.
      • 5/24 - Walker now has 30 rbi on the season and already has more rbi this month than last, but his average is down .070 in May.  One positive is that his plate discipline seems to be getting better.  His strike outs are nearly cut in half, while the walks are still there.
        • 4/29 - Has raised his batting avg to .305, with 11 hits during his 5 game hit streak 
          • 4/13 - A clean .300 average 9 rbi and 7 runs scored, Walker has looked like a steal in most drafts.  Just needs to bring his strike out ratio down as he leads all infielders with 15

Third Base

  • 8/29 - Danny Valencia - Batting .284 since the All Star Break, Valencia has raised his season AVG over .250 and while his numbers were not great, he was one of the few 3B options that has lasted all season.
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Danny ValenciaMIN3376171104624560.2360.2880.3880.676289

    • 6/27 - The average is back down to .216 but he has hit 3 home runs in his last 8 games.
      • 5/23 - 2 of his last 6 hits have gone for home runs, but Valencia is still struggling like most Twins at the plate.
        • 5/2 - 7 of his 13 rbi came in a 3 day span, Valencia continues to struggle to get it going, batting just .211
          • 4/13 - With 5 hits in his 4 game hitting streak over the last 5 games, Valencia has finally found a rhythm.  Still batting just above the Mendoza line(.206) Valencia's only xbh came back on April 3(hr)

  • 8/29 - Chris Johnson - The Astros gave up on the season early and went even younger, and this time it seemed to worked.  Jimmy Paredes (22 years old) might have stolen the 3B spot from Johnson next season.
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Chris JohnsonHOU267118363410740.2430.2830.3870.670233

    • 6/27 - Johnson has locked in the month of June with a .302 average while doubling his 2b hits.
      • 5/23 - Johnson is batting .296 for the month of May, with 11 rbi, matching his totals from March and April combined, in 9 less games.
        • 5/2 - The only statistic climbing for Johnson is strike outs, which is up to 25 now.  The averages is still below .200
          • 4/13 - With just 3 rbi and 2 r,  Johnson has had a miserable start to the 2011 season.  His .189 avg and 11 strikeouts lead to a night off this past Sunday.

  • 8/29 - Pedro Alvarez - Lets just hope Pedro can forget this entire season and can come back next season the Prospect we all want him to be.
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Pedro AlvarezPIT12266021012420.2080.2830.3040.58791

    • 6/27 - Alvarez has not played since May 19 and just recently suffered a set back and will not be back until after the All Star break.
      • 5/23 - Joined the 15-Day DL club with a Right Quad injury. 
        • 5/2 - It seems as if Alvarez and Johnson are battling to see who can have more strike outs with a worse batting average.  Pedro now has 32 k and a .213 batting average with just 7 rbi
          • 4/13 - Even though the Pirates are 5-5, Alvarez has done nothing to help.  14 k, and a .195 avg has led to just 2 r and 4 rbi. 

  • 8/29 - Brent Morel - Somehow, even with 318 ABs, Morel has only driven in 22 runs.  That is 96 games played, and 22 RBI, you almost have to try to NOT have more RBI.  Morel, just like the entire White Sox team dissapointed this season. 
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Brent MorelCWS1853801153270.2440.2600.2950.555133

    • 6/27 - While he is not hitting for any type of power, Brent has hit .283 over the past two months. 
      • 5/23 - Morel is batting an even .300 for the month of May and raised his average from .194 - .232.  Still not great, but on the right path.
        • 5/2 - Only 4 hits, 1 rbi and 1 run scored since we last checked in, the average is down to .194
          • 4/13 - Batting 9th for the high powered Sox, Morel has done his job.  10 h, 3 2b, 6 r and 6 rbi later, the 2008 third round draft pick has solidified his spot at 3b for Chi Town.


  • 8/15 - Ian Desmond - Desmond has had a nice second half hitting .261 with a .333 OBP.  Still a long way away from contributing to your fantasy team.
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Ian DesmondWAS347112332217832040.2230.2640.3080.572241

    • 6/17 - Of his 15 hits in June, only one of them went for an extra base hit(double).  The hits are coming more frequently this month, but he needs show some power before he is a fantasy option.
      • 5/23 - Three 2-hit games in a row have raised Desmond's average back up to .231.  But he has already struck out 22 times this month in just 18 games.
        • 5/2 - 7 hits in his last 5 games have led to 6 runs scored and 4 xbh, but just 1 rbi.
          • 4/13 - It took 5 games for Desmond to get his first hit of the season, but in the last 6 games he has 9 hits(3 2b, 1 hr) and 5 rbi

  • 8/15 - Alcides Escobar - Has cooled down some since the .305 month of June, but Escobar has been pretty consistent and you know what to expect from him. 
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Alcides EscobarKC428014412717391450.2500.2900.3280.618272
    •  6/17 - 16 hits in his last 10 games has brought Escobar's average from .203(6/6) to .242(6/16).  He has also crossed the plate 9 times in those 10 games. 
      • 5/23 - Escobar's .250 batting average in the month of May has raised his seasons average up to .232. 
        • 5/2 - With all the success the Royals are having, its hard to imagine Escobar is not a part of that.  Batting at  just .222, Alcides has not scored a run in his last 6 games.
          • 4/13 - Escobar has been mainly batting 7th or 9th for the Royals and has yet to get it going.  With just a .205 average, Escobar has driven in 4 rbi

All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Reid BrignacTB15332019943300.1930.2380.2220.46096

    • 6/17 - With jus 10 hits in his last 28 games, I do not see how TB can afford to keep Brignac in the lineup on a daily basis.
      • 5/23 - With just 3 hits in 12 games in May, Brignac has managed to bring his batting average down to .170.  Was I the only guy in all of Fantasy world that though Brignac might succeed this season?
        • 5/2 - Brignac does not deserve any credit to the recent surge the Rays have seen.  He has 6 strike outs in his last 4 games to just 2 hits.
          • 4/13 - Another Tampa Bay hitter that is not hitting, Brignac has just 5 singles all season(.227 avg).  He does however only have 22 AB so lets see if he can get it going with some more plate appearances


  • 8/22 - Cameron Maybin - Hitting .307 since the All Star break, Maybin also 20 stolen bases in those 36 games.  In nearly 100 less at bats, Maybin has scored just 7 less runs than the first half(74 games).  He finally has proved himself a Major League caliber center fielder.
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Cameron MaybinSD386911652125691220.2590.3220.4020.724252

    • 7/6 - With 3 hits last night, Maybin is up to .268 and has 21 hits in his last 19 games. 
      • 5/27 - Average is up to .260, but does not have an extra base hit and just 2 rbi in his last 10 games.
        • 4/27 - Avg. is down to .244 and has only 1 rbi since we last checked in
          • 4/13 - 5 of Maybin's 9 hits have gone for extra bases(2 2b, 1 3b, 2 hr) but that has only led to 4 rbi and 4 runs scored.  The 12 k are expected, but hurt his chances to steal bases(3).

  • 7/6 - Tyler Colvin - Was given another shot with the Cubbies in the beginning of June but failed again and is back in AAA Iowa.
    • 5/27 - May 13 was his last MLB game, batting .113
      • 4/27 - Only 1 hit since last time and is now batting .128 and is hitting just .250 in 8 minor league games.
        • 4/13 - Only had 3 hits through the first 9 games, but Colvin has driven in 6 runs.   

  • 8/22 - Matt Joyce - Joyce has fallen off hititng just .236 since the break.  He will finish with decent numbers, but Joyce did not break out at all, even with that great first half.
All Star BreakTeamR H 2B 3B HR RBI BB K SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS Points
Matt JoyceTB457820212412761500.2900.3510.5130.864318

    • 7/6 - Joyce had a terrible month of June batting just .173.  However, this has to be due to him trying to hit the ball as far as possible because 9 of his last 15 hits have been XBH.  Joyce should settle down and stay around in the .275-.290 range the rest of the season.
      • 5/27 - His .367 average makes him the current leader in all of MLB.  Has started to hit for power too, with 3 home runs and 9 rbi in his last 10 games.
        • 4/27 - Now batting .290, Joyce has hit 5 more doubles, but is not scoring runs(5) or driving in runs(4)
          • 4/13 - Has only 29 AB, but his 4 hits (2 2b) have accumulated 0 rbi and just 3 r.  He does have 3 hits in the last two games.

  • 8/22 - Lorenzo Cain - You have to feel for a guy hitting .302 with 26 2Bs 7 3Bs 15 HR 74 runs scored and 70 RBI for the Royals AAA team and not getting a call up. 
Lorenzo CainAAAKC509321511452367940.3130.3790.5290.907

    • 7/6 - How can a guy batting .311 with 10 home runs, 21 doubles, 5 triples and 44 rbi still be in the minor leagues for the Kansas City Royals?!
      • 5/27 - Now played in 37 games for Omaha, his .297 average is made up of 12 doubles, 3 triples and 3 home runs. 
        • 4/27 - Has played 11 games in Omaha, with 10 hits, 3 doubles, 1 triple and 1 hr. 
          • 4/13 - Has yet to play as he is on the DL with a groin pull.  Will update when he starts playing in Omaha

  • 8/22 - Desmond Jennings - What's not to likle about a .320 average and a .592 slugging over his first 30 major league games?  He has also stolen 13 bases.  Jennings is going to be one of the top OF selected in next years fantasy drafts.
Desmond JenningsAAATB6186153123739731710.2750.3700.4570.827

    • 7/6 - Still no call to the Bigs, but the avg is sitting at .274 and he has 15 doubles to go along with 10 home runs and 3 triples. 
      • 5/27 - Average is back up to .274, and his OBP is reaching .400 to go along with his 19 xbh.  He should be up soon, as Sam Fuld's averaged has plummeted to .224 and Justin Ruggiano is a career minor leaguer.
        • 4/27 - Avg has dropped to .257
          • 4/13 - With the Major League ball club struggling as bad as they are, Jennings could see big league pitching, sooner than later.  He is hitting .348 in the first 6 games of the minor league season. 


All Star BreakTeamGS W L IP H R ER HR BB K ERA WHIP BAA Points
Brett AndersonOAK133683.1864037825614.001.330.270216

    • 6/14 - Plasma Therapy - Before going on the DL, Anderson's last two starts CLEARLY showed something was up.  He pitched just 10.1 innings while giving up 20 hits, 15 runs(14 earned) and 4 home runs.  Time will tell if he will be back on the field this season. 
      • 5/27 - Just won his 3 game last night, the A's are 5-5 in Brett's starts.  Opponents hit just .217 off Anderson in May.
        • 4/27 - 2-0 in his last three starts, good for 20.2 ip.  Only allowed 3 er and k'd 17, while the team won all 3 starts.  Only allowed 1 walk in each start
        • 4/13 - Looked great in his first two starts of the season.  In 14 ip, Brett has allowed 13 h, 3 er, 10 k, and just 1 bb.  No run support has lead to an 0-1 start to his season. 

  • 8/10 - Madison Bumgarner - Has started 6 games since the break and is 3-2 with a 2.66 ERA.  Over those 6 starts, Bumgarner has tallied 40.2 IP while striking out 42 and walking just 6.  All of this while opponents are hitting just .238 off of him.
All Star BreakTeamGS W L IP H R ER HR BB K ERA WHIP BAA Points
Madison BumgarnerSF1849104.21135045427923.871.340.279282

    • 6/14 - His last 3 starts have been nearly identical, but the teams lack of offense has only produce a 1-2 record for Madison.  In those three starts, he went 21 innings(7 in each) allowing a total of 5 runs(4 earned) and striking out 18.  His ERA is down to just 3.23 now but his record is just 2-8.  He has not walked more than 2 batters since April 11 and has not allowed a home run since April 17.
      • 5/27 - Finally won his first game of the year on May 19, but has been SOO much better in May.  Had 5 starts in both April and May, pitching 10 more innings, while allowing 8 less earned runs in May.  However, the team has only won 2 of his 10 starts.
        • 4/27 - SF is 0-4 in Madison's starts this season, in which he has allowed 25 hits in just 17.1 innings of work.  His record is now 0-3 and he has walked more batters(10) than he struck out (9)
          • 4/13 - Bumgarner has quickly gone 0-2 in just 8 ip.  He has been dropped by many on Yahoo and I suggest if you have space for him on your roster to pick him up.  The 7 bb to just 5 k is bad, but he is too talented and will turn it around.

  • 8/10 - Jeremy Hellickson - In 4 starts since the break, Hellickson is 2-0 with a 2.39 ERA.  Opponents are hitting just .202 against him and is averaging 6 innings a start.  I have not seen or heard anything about an innings limit on Hellickson, but at 130, I'm sure its coming soon.
All Star BreakTeamGS W L IP H R ER HR BB K ERA WHIP BAA Points
Jeremy HellicksonTB1687103.28039371239683.211.150.210295

    • 6/13 - Has made 3 starts since we last checked in, and is now7-4, 3.03.  Jeremy has looked great in his first full season, but has suprised me with the low number of strike outs.  However, it is a sign of maturity that most young gunners don't show for a couple of seasons.  This is a positive for Hellickson's future.
      • 5/27 - Won 4 straight starts before losing to Detorit on the 23rd, lowering his era to 3.14 on the year.  Held opponents to a  .178 BAA in May with a 1.73 era.
        • 4/27 - Since last time, Hellickson has pitched 14 innings over two starts striking out only 9, but walking just 4.  TB lost both starts, and Hellickson picked up his second L along the way. 
          • 4/13 - Picked up right where he left off last season, Hellickson's first start led to 10 k over 5.2 ip.  His next start earned him his first W of the season against the Red Sox.