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Buster Posey Watch - Out For Season After Surgery

UPDATE (5/30) - Buster Posey will miss the remainder of the season after having surgery to repair 3 torn ligaments in his ankle.  In another 8-10 weeks he will have to go under another surgery to remove the "hardware" the doctors put in him.

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Brandon Belt and Chris Stewart (taking over catching duties) have been called up from AAA Fresno

UPDATE -  RealGM - Posey has a broken fibula and severely strained ligaments in his left ankle and will miss at least six to eight weeks, Giants head trainer Dave Groeschner told the San Francisco Chronicle. Posey will need surgery on his ankle, Groeschner said, and it is possible a screw could be inserted.

Last night Buster Posey got crushed at the plate by Scott Cousins on a sac fly hit by Emilio Bonifacio.  No one is reporting any good news and it could be a season ending injury.  Follow us all day for updates and ask us any questions regarding how to replace him, if you have him on your roster.

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joecapMARLINS‎ Scott Cousins left 2 vm messages 4 buster Posey. Says he didn't sleep last night. "last thing I wanted 2 do was break guys leg" #Marlins

lindacohn Buster Posey suffers broken ankle. Might have torn knee ligaments pending MRI.

robneyer‎ Buster Posey Injury Update: Giants Catcher Suffers Broken Leg, Torn Ligaments

abc7kristensze‎ Shoot! Hearing #SFGiants Buster Posey has broken leg, torn ligaments! Ugh!!

HerdOnESPNRadio‎ Colin: The media has found a way to make everything LeBron's fault. Buster Posey gets hurt...probably LeBron's fault!

Buster_ESPN‎ Just filed a news story: Agent for Buster Posey will call MLB and raise idea of rule changes regarding collisions between runners/fielders.

knbrmurph: I'll say this: I don't condemn Cousins for launching into Posey. If a #SFGiants player did it, we'd prolly applaud hard-nosed play.

knbrmurph: More Kuip: "As baserunner, you make decision to initiate contact about halfway down line. You don't decide last second. That's too late."

knbrmurph‎ Kuiper on Cousins: "This is the 25th guy on the roster. He's not going to avoid contact. He's trying to stay on the team." #SFGiants

knbrmurph‎ Kuiper on MLB, collisions: "Every other sport has a penalty for blowing up a defenseless player. I think it's time MLB took a serious look."

JaymeeSireCSN: Buster Posey is getting xrays on left ankle. No news yet

Hashim305‎ Damn I just saw the video. Buster Posey's leg went sideways like McGahee in the Fiasco Bowl.

wxmoose‎ What the ever-loving hell was Scott Cousins trying to do last night? I mean, really. I'm no Posey fan, but that was uncalled for.
ajhilton7‎ I don't know why people are having a go at Scott Cousins, yeah it's a shame Posey got hurt but that's what happens when you block the plate!
ManOfTeal‎ Dear #Giants fans, Scott Cousins did exactly what you are supposed to do in that situation there was NO malice against #Posey #Marlins

StephHartigan‎ Watching the Buster Posey collision. Ouch. Is that bone poking out?

karenls49‎ Dear media, please stop replaying the take down of Buster Posey. It makes me want to throw up. And for the love of God, no more still shots!

JeremyGraeme‎ Wow.. that Buster Posey injury looks horrific. I think that definitely ended his season. Mebbe career.

david_watkins‎ Hope the #Twins saw the #Giants catcher Buster Posey play last night. #mauertotheoutfield

chrisgunz69Buster Posey has a lower body injury and is day to day. If that happened to the dos equis guy he would fix his own ankle and knee

ThisGuy321‎ Poor Buster 2 words for ya...GET BIG!!!