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2011 NBA Draft Team Grades

Cleveland Cavaliers  - B
  • I do understand the wanting of a premier PG, but not when your team already has 3 NBA PGs on the roster.  Regardless, Irving is super talented and will eventually help this team so it’s a good pick.  Tristan Thompson on the other hand better be the next Karl Malone because the Cavs needed a SF more than anything and passed on well every small forward in this draft.  I like Hickson better as the future PF but at this point, he should be asking out.  Who is Milan Macvan?
    • Kyrie Irving - A   
    • Tristan Thompson - B  
    • Milan Macvan - C- 

Minnesota Timberwolves - B
  • Minnesota did a great job of trading Johny Flynn and Donatas Motiejunas and receiving a future 1st rounder and Brad Miller in return as this opens up the PG position for Ricky Rubio.  However, drafting Derrick Williams was not the best fit for this team.  Enes Kanter would have been the PERFECT fit.  How will Malcom Lee find any PT this year with Wes Johnson, Wayne Ellington, Luke Ridnour and Rubio already commanding minutes?
    • Derrick Williams - A
    • Malcolm Lee - B-  

Utah Jazz - A
  • Got exactly who they wanted and what the needed, while not having to make any roster moves.  Kanter and Favors will be the future bigs in Utah while Alec Burks will probably lead the team in scoring every year for a while.  My guess is that Al Jefferson eventually gets moved to find a franchise PG, but his 29 million over the next two season will be difficult to move.
    • Enes Kanter - A 
    • Alec Burks - B+ 

Toronto Raptors - B
  • I am just so happy that a PG was not selected.  I do not know why, but everyone seemed to have Kemba or Bknight landing in Toronto.  However, Jonas will most likely not be playing in the NBA next season so this pick will keep the Raptors atop next years lottery as well.  I am curious if Andrea Bargnani can play/guard the PF position.  If he can, than this pick makes a lot of sense.  
    • Jonas Valanciunas - B+

Washington Wizards - A+
  • Another team that drafted wisely based on needs, Washington needed two things heading into the draft, a SF and a backup PG.  A lot of mocks had them picking a PF/C which made little sense.  They landed two of the top SF and got a senior PG, who lead an underdog team to the National Championship two years in a row.  Great job by the Wizards, best draft of the night.  Vesely will be the starting SF while Singleton will come in off the bench and lock down who ever he is asked to.   What happens to Rashard Lewis' $20+ mil contract the next 2 seasons?
    • Jan Vesely - A  
    • Chris Singleton - B+  
    • Shelvin Mack - B 

Sacramento Kings - B
  • They got Jimmer and they did get a SF(need) in Honeycutt who could be a super steal so they did a great job drafting.  The trade seems very confusing now but once/if the season starts, Salmons better prove he is worthy of being a bench player.  It will be interesting to see how Evans and Fredette play alongside each other.
    • Isaiah Jimmer Fredette - A
    • Tyler Honeycutt - B  
    • Isaiah Thomas - C 

Charlotte Bobcats - A+
  • The 3-Team Trade gave the Bobcats everything they were looking for this offseason.  Swapping Stephen Jackson for Corey Magette gives Charlotte the slasher they lacked, sending Livingston to the Bucks allows for DJ Augustin to come in off the bench and allow Kemba to play off the ball, and they turned their #19 pick into Bismack Biyomobo, the defensive presence the Bobcats were lacking in the paint.  Kemba can be their star player that can fill the seats, while most likely leading the team in scoring next season. 
    • Bismack Biyombo - B+ 
    • Kemba Walker - A  

Detroit Pistons - B-
  • Brandon Knight is going to be a good NBA point guard, no doubt.  I was just never sold on him being better than Kemba.  However, the Pistons drafting him most likely means they will not match a contract offer to Rodney Stuckey.  Singler was the position of need so a good selection there, but they should have selected one at the #8 spot.  There is no space for Macklin right now in the 4/5 rotation.
    • Brandon Knight - B+
    • Kyle Singler - B  
    • Vernon Macklin - C- 

Milwaukee Bucks - C-
  • Milwaukee had no one on the team who could score last season, and they passed up a shot at Jimmer Fredette for $8 million bucks.  They probably could make $8 mil in jersey sales alone with the name Fredette on the back.  Anyway, they got the youngest player in the draft and a nice bench player in Jon Leuer.  Also coming to Milwaukee is Stephen Jackson who most likely wont last long there, Shaun Livingston who is now the 3rd PG on the depth chart behind Brandon Jennings, and Beno Udrih.
    • Tobias Harris - B+
    • Jon Leuer - B

Golden State Warriors - B

  • The Warriors will score always have always will, and adding Thompson just makes them that much better.  But he was the last thing they needed.  Chris Singleton and Kawhi Leonard would have been PERFECT fits but that’s not what happened.  If they are serious about moving Monta Ellis than I can understand the drafting of Thompson.  Jeremy Tyler is far from being NBA ready but will be a force and Charles Jenkins could benefit from the uptempo style as a bench player.
    • Klay Thompson - A  
    • Jeremy Tyler - B+  
    • Charles Jenkins - C+  

Phoenix Suns - C+
  • Markieff is a very talented player, hence the B+ grade, but the Suns needed him like a hole in the head.  Marcin Gortat, Robin Lopez, Channing Frye, Hakim Warrick and now Markieff Morris.  Lots of players for only 96 minutes.  Not to mention all of those guys have contacts for at least the next 2 seasons.  Morris is probably the best of that bunch though. 
    • Markieff Morris - B+

Houston Rockets - B+
  • The Rockets acquired the PG they needed in Johny Flynn while somehow getting rid of Brad Miller's contract.  If Marcus Morris is smart, he will become Luis Scola's best friend.  Chandler Parsons might have some trouble finding playing time if Chase Budinger is still in the Rockets plans, but can be a nice piece of the bench.  I am not sure exactly how Motiejunas fits into the rotation but he is extremely talented.
    • Marcus Morris - A-  
    • Donatas Motiejunas - B
    • Chandler Parsons - B-  

Indiana Pacers - F+
  • As much as I like George Hill, and thought he could have run the Spurs if they did trade Tony Parker, he is not worth the 15th Overall pick of any draft, especially when Kawhi Leonard ends up in your lap.  The Pacers need a back up SF and now they lost two of them because the also sent Davis Bertans to the Spurs.  George Hill is a backup PG for the Pacers, unless they are planning on trading Darren Collison.  The Pacers could have had two pieces to help build on a playoff run.

Philadelphia 76ers - C+
  • Philly really could have used Chris Singleton, especially if they are looking to trade Iggy.  However, if Spencer Hawes is offered a contract that the 76ers can see matching, Vucevic could see a ton of minutes in his rookie season. 
    • Nikola Vucevic - B
    • Lavoy Allen - D+  

New York Knicks - B-
  • A little puzzling, but Shumpert will give the Knicks a perimeter defender that could defend a guard since he is about 6'6.  Josh Harrellson is EXACTLY what the Knicks needed and I love the selection, just hope his game translates into the NBA.  He should see minutes this year if D'Antoni is serious about getting better defensively.  Lets just hope he doesn't get the Shelden Williams, that guy should have been playing last season.
    • Iman Shumpert - B
    • Josh Harrellson - C+  

Portland Trail Blazers - C-
  • Swapping Andre Miller and Rudy Fernandez for Raymond Felton is a great trade.  Drafting Nolan Smith to back him up is another good move.  However, Camby and Oden might not play a full season combined and they did nothing to soften that blow, which is a mistake.  Diebler can't help this team, they should have gone with a big.
    • Nolan Smith - B-  
    • Jon Diebler - D 

Denver Nuggets - A
  • You would think after trading Carmelo Anthony, it would take some time to rebuild.  Well not if you’re the Nuggets.  This team is LOADED with talent at every postiion and just got better after the draft.  Faried and Nene(if they can resign him) are a great duo up front, Andre Miller is a veteran PG who will help develop Lawson, and being handed Jordan Hamilton will allow the Nuggets to let Wilson Chandler walk.
    • Kenneth Faried - B+  
    • Jordan Hamilton - B+ 
Oklahoma City Thunder - B-   
  • Was not a need for the Thunder as Eric Maynor was considered by many the best backup PG in the league.  On top of that, why would you play with the chemistry that has developed down in OKC.  Eric Maynor is on his way out and they better turn him into something useful, like a back up SF.
    • Reggie Jackson - B- 
Boston Celtics - A-
  • Some people might not like the fact that they traded away MarShon Brooks, but JaJuan Johnson is going to fit into the 4/5 rotation nicely in Boston.  Then taking his college teammate E'Twuan Moore not only only fills a needs, but can allow for the two to be on the court together, already with chemistry, and instantly boosting their bench's production.
    • JaJuan Johnson - B+
    • E'Twaun Moore - B  
Dallas Mavericks - D+
  • How will Rudy Fernandez ever find playing time in Dallas?  Jason Terry, Rodrique Beaubois will be back, JJ Barea will most likely be back as well.  Strange move, Jordan Hamilton was a better fit.
New Jersey Nets - B
  • The Nets did themselves a favor by making sure they got Brooks.  He is a local boy and a scorer.  Both should help fill some seats in Jersey for one more year before heading off to Brooklyn.  Jordan Williams is a nice insurance policy to both Lopez and Humprhies and Bogdanovic will stay in Turkey for another season.
    • Marshon Brooks - B+
    • Jordan Williams - B-  
    • Bojan Bogdanovic - C  
Chicago Bulls -B-
  • Jimmy Butler is a huge need for the Bulls, a SF that can play defense.  They traded away their other picks for what?  They could have used a backup PG.  Mirotic won't help for a couple of years.
    • Jimmy Butler - B
    • Nikola Mirotic - C+            
San Antonio Spurs - A
  • Somehow, by drafting 2 players, the Spurs got 4 players.  Trading George Hill was a genius move as it landed them one of the best all around forwards in the draft, and one of the more promising young Euro shooters.  On top of that, they replaced George Hill with Cory Joseph and also scooped up another International player.  The Spurs never fail on draft night.
    • Kawhi Leonard - A-
    • Davis Bertans - B
    • Cory Joseph - B-
    • Adam Hanga - C
Miami Heat - B-
  • The Heat's only focus of this draft was a PG and even though they did not get the guy they wanted, Norris Cole should develop into a decent NBA PG.
    • Norris Cole - B-
Orlando Magic - C-
  • Is it at all possible that the Atlanta Hawks like Justin Harper and the Magic picked him JUST in case they decide to send Josh Smith to Orlando?
    • Justin Harper - B
    • Deandre Liggins - C-
 Memphis Grizzlies - C+
  • Josh Selby was considered first round talent so landed him at 49 is nice.  However, the Grizzlies have a lot of young role players right now and not enough minutes already.  Selby and Xavier Henry are going to have to fight Tony Allen and OJ Mayo for minutes.  I like the talent of the pick, but they really could have used a big guy to soften the blow of either Gasol/Randolph leaving the squad.
    • Josh Selby - B
Los Angeles Lakers - C-
  • With 4 second round picks, the Lakers could have/should have made some moves or drafted better.  I do like the selection of the two guards as Derek Fisher is probably in his last season and Steve Blake is not all that great.  
    • Darius Morris - B
    • Andrew Goudelock - C+
    • Ater Majok - D+
Atlanta Hawks - B
  • Keith Benson has a ton of talent and if Josh Smith is on his way out, Benson could see time in the 4/5 rotation with Al Horford and Zaza.
    • Keith Benson - B
Los Angeles Clippers - B+
  • Trey Thompkins is actually the pick that fits the Clippers needs.  With Griffin and DeAndre Jordan as the future, and Chris Kaman being only big on the bench and most likely being traded this season, Thompkins will see minutes.  Travis Leslie was not needed as the Clippers already have a bunch of Guards, but his talent midway through the second round should not be passed on. 
  • Trey Thompkins - B+
  • Travis Leslie - B\