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Dan Uggla and Adam Dunn - Most Overrated Players April/May

Dan Uggla - 2B
Average Draft Round - 3
5th 2B Overall


Uggla has been a non factor in Atlanta's 30-26 start to the 2011 campaign.  Acquired in the off season for Omar Infante and Mike Dunn, and resigned for 5 Years $62 mil, Uggla has just 37 hits in 56 games.  May has always been friendly to Uggla over his career, but not this time around.
"You're not going to walk your way out of a slump like this, so I'm trying to be aggressive," Uggla said. "It's all timing. I've just got to get my foot down. If I get my foot down, be on time, everything will fall into place. It almost seems like it's that easy."
Now Uggla is tied for 7th among second basemen in HR so the power is still there, but of those power hitting second basemen, Uggla is the only one with less than 18 rbi.  His 20 runs scored is also the lowest amongst those 9 second basemen with 7+ hr.  2B has never been a dominate position in fantasy baseball, but Uggla is losing value everyday.  Do not sit and wait for Uggla to turn it around, if you own him, try to trade him, or if any decent 2B are available, make the swap.

Adam Dunn - 1B
Average Draft Round - 4
10th 1B Overall


When Adam Dunn signed on with the White Sox this off season for $56 million, his mock draft position climbed weekly.  A slugger of Dunn's status batting in a lineup with Paul Konerko's protection figures to do wonders for a players statistics.  In 49 games this season, Adam Dunn has just 31 hits!  Half of them have gone for XBH (10 doubles and 5 home runs) but his .181 average is not acceptable.  He has already struck out 69 times which is on pace for nearly 200, not that unusual.  One positive is that he is still walking with best of them.  His 35 walks is good for 4th in AL and 8th in the MLB.  You have to assume that he will eventually have some balls in play fall for hits and the average will most likely end up between .240-.260, as his May average was .044 points higher than his April average.  For his career his best month is July, so if you have the abillity to ride him out, or acquire him on the cheap, we suggest doing so.  The White Sox offense has the potential to be great and with the veterans they have in their lineup, they should be able to figure this thing out.