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Seattle Mariners - Fantasy Fillers

I am not talking about the Good Ol' Days of Alex Rodriguez, Griffey Jr., Randy Johson, Tino and Edgar Martinez, and Jay Buhner. This new, young Seattle team is filled with fantasy potential.
We all knew about King Felix and have learned so much about Prince Pineda this season.  They are a combined 15-12 this season, with 223 strikeouts in 231 innings pitched.  But right behind them are 3 pitchers who are quitely helping fantasy teams take over their league.  Erik Bedard, Doug Fister and Jason Vargas are a combined  12-19, while tallying 304.2 innings pitched and allowing just 278 hits.  As a team, the Seattle Mariners starting rotation has pitched to a 3.22 ERA.  It is rare that all 5 pitchers from one team have fantasy value, but such is the case for the Seattle Mariners.  Clearly Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda are not available in your league, but Erik Bedard(62% owned), Doug Fister(11%) and Jason Vargas(15%) probably are.  If you need some pitching help, this is a good place to start looking

Superstar Ichiro Suzuki has been the only mainstay in the Mariners lineup over the past 10 years.  However, the recent surge of young talent has given fantasy owners a reason to look at other Mariners to help win their leagues.  Justin Smoak, acquired last season for Cliff Lee, has lived up to all the hype, smacking 12 home runs and driving in 40 runs already.  First base is not usually a position where players have trouble since there are many talented 1B eligible players, as noted by Smoak being just 47% owned, but with the way injuries have gone this season, someone is destined to get hurt, increasing Smoak's value. 

Playing right next to Smoak on the right side of the Mariners infield, Dustin Ackley has played in just 12 games, yet is 34% owned.  People always love to jump the gun on rookies, but Ackley is worthy of this trend.  He has reached base 17 times in his 12 games(12 hits 5 walks) which has lead to a .300 average and a .373 on base.  Oh and of those 12 hits, 5 of them have been extra base hits(1 2b, 2 3b and 2 hr) leading to 6 rbi and 7 runs scored.  Second base is extremely weak this season, and if you need help or have someone on the DL look at Ackley for the time being.

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