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New York Yankees - Fantasy Fillers

I am not talking about the Good Ol' Days of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Whitey Ford. The power house Yankees have plenty of unowned options to help you win your league.
CC Sabathia has to be the biggest All Star snub this season and has shown once again that he is one the few elite pitchers in baseball.  But the rest of the Yankees staff has gone out and done their job quietly combining for 29 of the Yankees 50 wins.  At just 64% owned, AJ Burnett has 8 wins and 91 strikeouts in 113.2 innings pitched.  His 4.12 ERA might be a little high for most, but he is almost guaranteed to give your 30 starts and right around 200 innings pitched while striking out about 170 batters.  Plus his offense allows him to give up 4 runs a game and still earn a win.

At the beginning of the season, Phil Hughes(40%) should have been next in the rotation, but an early injury limited him to 3 horrid starts and a trip to the DL.  He is back in the rotation and ready to make an impact, but hold off on picking him up.  His return has pushed Ivan Nova(7%) out of the rotation, but I can see him returning, and being a useful SP on your roster, before the season is over.

Then there is Freddy Garcia(20%) and Bartolo Colon(51%) who have been a huge surprise this season.  Garcia can help your squad if you need to keep your WHIP and ERA down.  He can not help though if you are behind in strikeouts.  However, Bartolo Colon and his 8.32 k/9 can absolutely help your team pick up some K's.  Not only does he lead the team in K/9, but also in WHIP and ERA.  Bartolo Colon should be on your team if you need help, as I mentioned way back on May 5.

It is hard to believe that on a team with 50 wins, not one every day player has an average over .300, but such is the case with the Yanks.  But Nick Swisher(73%) and Brett Gardner(75%) are two players who can help your struggling outfield the second half of the season.  With 12 RBI in his last 10 games, Swisher has been one of the hottest hitters over the past 14 days.  He is a guy who will walk nearly as much as he Ks and is on pace to hit 20 HRs and drive in 90 runs.  Gardner has cooled off a bit as of late, but is still a great option for SB and might not even strike out 100 times this season.  His slow start to the season has keep him on the waiver wire, but if the Yankees get hot as a team, Brett could score up to 90 runs this season.

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