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Stephen Drew Out for Season - Fractured Ankle


Last night, Arizona Diamondbacks SS, Stephen Drew, fractured his ankle on a play at the plate and is done for the season.  Drew was tagging up from third on a sliding catch made by Ryan Braun.  Braun hit the relay man who gunned down Drew at the plate, which was perfectly blocked by Jonathan Lucroy.

This is very similar to the situation early in the year when Buster Posey was steam rolled by Scott Cousins.  If Cousins slides, maybe Posey is still playing today.  But if Stephen Drew runs through Lucroy, maybe he scores and fantasy owners aren't forced to find replacements for top players at weak positions.

I still believe that the runner should always try to crush the catcher, as that is the only way you will ever be safe.  I mean safe to score a run, not safe from injury.  This is proof that sliding DOES NOT prevent injuries.

Anyways, the important thing here is that SS is such a weak position that Yunel Escobar(74%) is the best available that is under 75% owned.  If you have deep pitching, don't be afraid to trade for someone you like better the these limited options.  There is better quality FA pitching than hitting at ANY position.

Others available:

Player% Owned
Emilio Bonifacio52%
Alexi Casilla16%
Erick Aybar68%
Alcides Escobar28%
Marco Scutaro11%
J.J. Hardy64%