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2012 NBA Draft - Futurecast

Looking ahead to the NBA draft, teams will soon know they are lottery worthy.  Each option is based purely on team need, and the rankings come from DraftExpress Top 100.  Let us know if you agree with your teams needs, and the options selected.  If not, let us know why and you might be able to convince us to change our minds!

TeamOption 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5
Atlanta HawksJeff Taylor SFTony Wroten PG/SGMoe Harkless SFDion Waiters SGEvan Fournier SG/SF
Boston CelticsTerrence Ross SG/SFQuincy Miller SFJeff Taylor SFMoe Harkless SFDion Waiters SG
Charlotte BobcatsAnthony Davis PFAndre Drummond CMichael Kidd-Gilchrist SFThomas Robinson PFBradley Beal SG
Chicago BullsTyshawn Taylor PGJohn Jenkins SGDoron Lamb SGWill Barton SG/SFTomas Satoransky PG/SG
Cleveland CavaliersAnthony Davis PFAndre Drummond CMichael Kidd-Gilchrist SFThomas Robinson PFBradley Beal SG

TeamOption 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5
Dallas MavericksNo First Round Pick
Denver NuggetsAustin Rivers SGTerrence Ross SG/SFTony Wroten PG/SGDion Waiters SGEvan Fournier SG/SF
Detroit PistonsThomas Robinson PFJared Sullinger CHarrison Barnes SFJohn Henson PFPerry Jones PF
Golden State WarriorsRoyce White PFFab Melo CDraymond Green PFAndrew Nicholson PF/CFestus Ezeli C
Houston RocketsJeremy Lamb SGAustin Rivers SGTerrence Ross SG/SFQuincy Miller SFJeff Taylor SF
Indiana PacersArnett Moultrie PF/CRoyce White PFFab Melo CAndrew Nicholson PF/CFestus Ezeli C
LA ClippersNo First Round Pick
LA LakersNo First Round Pick
Memphis GrizzliesMarquis Teague PGTony Wroten PG/SGArnett Moultrie PF/CRoyce White PFTyshawn Taylor PG
Miami HeatArnett Moultrie PF/CRoyce White PFFab Melo CDraymond Green PFFestus Ezeli C
Milwaukee BucksPerry Jones PFTyler Zeller CTerrence Jones SF/PFJeremy Lamb SGMeyers Leonard C
Minnesota TimberwolvesNo First Round Pick
New Jersey NetsNo First Round Pick
New Orleans HornetsAnthony Davis PFAndre Drummond CMichael Kidd-Gilchrist SFThomas Robinson PFBradley Beal SG
New York KnicksNo First Round Pick
Oklahoma City Thunder
Orlando MagicTyler Zeller CMeyers Leonard CArnett Moultrie PF/CFab Melo CFestus Ezeli C
Philadelphia SixersJohn Henson PFPerry Jones PFTyler Zeller CTerrence Jones SF/PFMeyers Leonard C
Phoenix SunsHarrison Barnes SFTerrence Jones SF/PFJeremy Lamb SGDamian Lillard PGKendall Marshall PG
Portland Trail BlazersBradley Beal SGHarrison Barnes SFTyler Zeller CTerrence Jones SF/PFJeremy Lamb SG
Sacramento KingsAnthony Davis PFMichael Kidd-Gilchrist SFThomas Robinson PFJared Sullinger CHarrison Barnes SF
San Antonio SpursNo First Round Pick
Toronto RaptorsMichael Kidd-Gilchrist SFThomas Robinson PFJared Sullinger CHarrison Barnes SFJohn Henson PF
Utah JazzTerrence Jones SF/PFTerrence Ross SG/SFQuincy Miller SFJeff Taylor SFMoe Harkless SF
Washington WizardsAnthony Davis PFThomas Robinson PFBradley Beal SGJared Sullinger CJohn Henson PF

Atlanta Hawks - 2005 ruined the Hawks chances at ever winning an NBA Championship. In desperate need of a PG, the Hawks passed on Chris Paul and Deron Williams to select SF Marvin Williams #2 overall. It is time to right that wrong and move on from Williams. Jeff Teague is the future PG, Joe Johnson is locked up, Josh Smith needs to be locked up(or traded for a nice package, you can not afford to let him just walk away) and Al Horford is there in the middle.

Boston Celtics - This team is not getting any younger, and they have no center outside of Greg Stiemsma and  JaJuan Johnson. Any big body will be helpful and so is having the Clippers 1st round pick to go along with their own.

Charlotte Bobcats - A lottery pick is in their future and hopefully they land Anthony Davis.

Chicago Bulls - One of the deepest teams in the NBA, and pretty strong at every position, even on the bench.  They got Luol Deng's backup last season in Jimmy Butler and now they need to give the reigning MVP some support.  However, if there is no PG worth taking at the end of the 1st round, selecting a project SG is not a terrible idea.

Cleveland Cavaliers - PG - Check, SG - Nope, SF - Kind of, PF - Project, C - Varajeo.  Besides the Bobcats, this is the worst roster in the NBA.  SG/SF is a must find at the top of this draft and it must be a scorer.  It is to bad they selected Tristan Thompson last season because this draft is top heavy with big guys.

Dallas Mavericks - They are clearly looking to spend big next off season on Deron Williams.  They will lose their pick to Houston if they don't received a top 20 slot, but it is very easy to purchase end of the round picks for cash.

Denver Nuggets - Another team with a deep roster, the Nuggets can afford to take the best player available.

Detroit Pistons - The Pistons have loaded themselves with bad contracts.  Brandon Knight will be their future PG and Greg Monroe is their C.  With a lottery pick waiting for them, a SF or a PF will have to be selected as someone who plays that position will be the best player available. 

Golden State Warriors - It looks like the Warriors will be selecting in the top 15 for the 5th straight season.  If they don't select in the top 7, the pick belongs to the Utah Jazz.  However, if they are lucky enough to keep their own pick, they will need to draft a SG/SF.  They sent Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh to the Bucks and received Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson in return.  They shipped Jackson to San Antonio for Richard Jefferson and a first round pick.
Houston Rockets - With two, possible three, first round picks the Rockets should be able to draft the pieces they are missing, like a franchise Center.  They also could flip these picks to acquire a franchise player.
Indiana Pacers - The Pacers should be able to avoiding making a selection in the top 15 this season, something they haven't done since 2006.  Dunleavy and Rush are gone, which means Paul George is now starting, leaving the bench depleted.  After acquiring Leandro Barbosa,a SF should now be the focus, but finding a backup for Roy Hibbert is not a bad idea either, now that Josh McRoberts is a Laker.

Los Angeles Clippers - The Clippers do not have a first round pick, unless the finish in the lottery and get a top 10 pick.  So Boston will be selecting for the Clippers.

Los Angeles Lakers - The Lakers traded away both of their first round draft picks to acquire Ramon Sessions and Jordan Hill.  Do you agree that was the right move?  I dont.

Memphis Grizzlies - Gilbert Arenas was an emergency addition.  The need to find Conley a backup.
Miami Heat - The signing of Eddy Curry is a red flag.  They clearly need size. 

Milwaukee Bucks - They lack a true NBA center.
Minnesota Timberwolves - I am not even sure why I have them here since the Hornets have their pick VIA the Chris Paul trade.  It is unprotected.

New Jersey Nets - For some reason the Nets decided to trade their lottery pick for Gerald Wallace.  The only way they keep the pick is if they luck out during the drawing nnd land a top 3 lottery pick.  If this happens, we will know the NBA is fixed.

New Orleans Hornets - I orginally hated the CP3 trade, then saw the potential and realized it could work.  But with Eric Gordon missing most of the season and the though of him leaving the Hornets in the offseason, I am beginning to wonder if Luis Scola and Kevin Martin could have helped this team.  However, two potential lottery picks can ease any teams pain in a draft this deep.

New York Knicks - After winning the NBA Championship...hey I can dream right?  The playoff bound Knicks do not have a first round pick, but are famous for buying late picks. 

Oklahoma City Thunder - James Harden has gone from one of the games best bench players to the games best bench player.  Now the Thunder need to add to their already top notch bench.  A SF is needed but must fit the mold of the Thunder...a scorer who can also play defense.

Orlando Magic - Howard agreed to play in Orlando next season so the Magic just need to draft the best player available.

Philadelphia 76ers - They need to add to the front court rotation.

Phoenix Suns - They currently have 4 guys to play the PF/C position, but lack a scoring guard.  Steve Nash also seems to have played his final game in a Suns uniform.  This draft will provide a PG/SG in the middle of the lottery with guys like Jeremy Lamb and Kendall Marshall. 

Portland Trail Blazers - Who really knows what direction the Blazers headed in.  This draft will help define that.

Sacramento Kings - With Tyreke Evans, Jimmer Fredette and Marcus Thorton, the Kings lack a need for guards.  The Kings need to look for a big man to pair up with DMC.

San Antonio Spurs - The Spurs have great drafts, even when they don't own any draft picks!  Last year they somehow were able to add Kawhi Leonard and Cory Joseph to their roster via trades.  This year they will need to do the same as they traded their draft pick to the Warriors for Stephen Jackson.

Toronto Raptors - With their lottery pick, the Raptors should look to the SF position.  Anyone will be better than the ones they currently are playing.

Utah Jazz - This team is loaded with young talent, but where will that put them come draft day. A late run put them in the playoffs and out of the lottery, but they can still land Golden State's pick with some help from the ping pong balls.  They need a PG.
Washington Wizards -  The Wizards dealt their starting SG to the Clippers and C to the Nuggets.  They replaced JaVale McGee with Nene and replaced Nick Young with Jordan Crawford who will be given every opportunity to prove himself.  Now the Wizards can look for a scoring guard or a PF in the draft.

2012 NBA Mock Draft

PickTeam PlayerExplination
1CharlotteAnthony Davis PFI personally believe this is a terrible fit for Davis and the Bobcats, but everyone knows he will go #1
2WashingtonThomas Robinson PFWall & Robinson along with Nene & Jordan Crawford could actually make noise in the Eastern Conf, as long as they get the right coach…Mike D'Antoni?
3ClevelandAndre Drummond CA great fit for the Cavaliers and could learn a TON from Anderson Vareajo. Could use a player like MKG though.
4New OrleansMichael Kidd-Gilchrist SFIf they can convince Eric Gordon to stay, EG and MKG could revamp that franchise in just a couple years. They still need to find a PG though.
5New Jersey (Portland has pick if not in top 3)Bradley Beal SGPortland's Pick: I don’t see how LeMarcus Aldrige and Jared Sullinger can play together. They need a true center so Aldridge can play PF. Bradley Beal can be what they wanted Jamal Crawford to be.
6SacramentoJared Sullinger CSullinger and DMC could make the strongest front court in the NBA.
7Golden State (Utah has pick if not in top 7)Damian Lillard PGUtah's Pick: Few teams in the NBA need a PG as much as the Jazz do and Lilard wont be there at pick 18.
8TorontoHarrison Barnes SFNo team in the NBA needs a SF the way the Raptors do.
9DetroitJohn Henson PFHenson and Monroe should fit nicely together and only make Brandon Knights nights easier.
10New Orleans via MinnesotaTyler Zeller CI honestly believe Tyler Zeller is the most NBA ready player in the draft. The Hornets would be lucky to land Zeller at #10.
11PortlandMeyers Leonard CAs stated above Portland needs a true center. Meyers Leonard will allow LeMarcus Aldridge to play his natural 4 position.
12MilwaukeeJeremy Lamb SGAs long as they sign Ersan Ilyasova, the Bucks really only will be lacking a C. With no C in reach, adding Lamb to a Jennings/Ellis backcourt give the Bucks even more fire power.
13PhoenixKendall Marshall PGNash is done in PHX and Marshall should be starting from day 1.
14Houston (Nets have pick if not top 14)Austin Rivers SGKevin Martin can't stay healthy and they REALLY need to look to move his expiring contract.
15PhiladelphiaPerry Jones PFNot much depth at the 4
16Dallas (Houston has pick if not top 20)Terrence Jones SF/PFCould be for the Mavs what they hoped Odom would have been.
17Houston via New YorkMarquis Teague PGDragic could walk and sign on to be a starting PG somewhere.
18UtahQuincy Miller SFJosh Howard started playoff games this year. They need help.
19OrlandoFab Melo CI know this is a HUGE reach, but with the possibility of Howard missing time and the lack of a big behind him the Magic need someone else to help protect the rim
20DenverDion Waiters SGAndre Miller may find work elsewhere, and the Nuggets will need to be able to spell Lawson. Waiters can run the point, while also playing off the ball.
21BostonTerrence Ross SG/SFAllen and Pierce are not getting any younger and who knows how much longer they will be wearing the Celtics jersey.
22AtlantaJeff Taylor SFMarvin Williams was great coming off the bench, but you can't expect the Hawks to go with starting Teague/Hinrich next season.
23Boston via L.A. ClippersArnett Moultrie PF/CBoston needs to get bigger.
24Cleveland via L.A. LakersMoe Harkless SFHarkless is young, but super talented and there are no future SF on the Cavs roster.
25MemphisTony Wroten PG/SGNearly the entire team is under contract for next season but Wroten should be able to spell Conley for 8--12 minutes a night.
26IndianaFestus Ezeli CNeed someone behind Hibbert on the depth chart.
27MiamiDraymond Green PFMiami could really use a player bigger than 6'8 but there are few of those in this draft.
28Oklahoma CityEvan Fournier SG/SFFournier could stay overseas until Thabo's contract is up and James Harden has been re-signed
29ChicagoTyshawn Taylor PGWith Rose's injury and John Lucas' contract up, CJ Watson looks like he will start the year at PG.
30Golden State via San AntonioRoyce White PFAndrew Bogut, David Lee and Andris Biedrins are the only PF/C on the roster.

Let us know if you agree with your teams needs, and the options selected.  If not, let us know why and you might be able to convince us to change our minds!