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They Drippin' Swagu! - Jake Magnusson

It's early I know, but I see some teams looking to pop. The Sixers, Magic, Hawks, Celtics, Blazers, Spurs, Suns, and Jazz are feelin it.

Led by Marcin “The Martian” Gortat averaging 12.7 ppg, Phoenix is making the sun come out in January. The Suns have kept the scoring going while playing stingy defense. Eight players are averaging almost 10 pts. per while Gortat and Markeef Morris swallow up 13 of 42 rebounds per game. Reenergized by new cast members, the Suns could potentially challenge for a playoff spot.

The chippy Utah Jazz are causing problems for teams looking for an easy win. Jazz and mean do not belong together in a sentence, but tell that to Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson. The two bouncers push you around all game on both ends of the court and when they want to take a break they kick it out to Devin Harris and Gordon Hayward. The inside out action wears down opponents and the task becomes that much more brutal when teams have to scratch and fight for rebounds to stay in games. It took 40 pts. from Kobe to do it and the next 10 teams aren’t the Lakers.

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