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Best Bang For Your Buck - Jack Magnusson

When it comes down to brass tacks, your ability to win your Fantasy matchups is based on the impact of your guard play. Plain and simple… it’s about the numbers. In the majority of leagues categorically the point systems favor the guards and their ability to have a well-rounded game. This is a real problem for those of you who are losing matchups narrowly. Being in a good fantasy owner has always involved commitment and the slew of slight injuries has been keeping you busy as of late. Since you are used to getting injury updates on your I-phone, make it easy on yourself and give special attention to replacement guards.

They key is finding guys that can give you a little bit more every night, because point or %  tally is what wins championships. Total tallies win matchups and since we are in the grind of the 2012 season it’s the close wins now that will put you in the playoffs down the road.

This isn’t an easy task and evaluating talented well-rounded replacement guards for your starting lineup is like watching paint dry, but few of us are sitting back and watching their starting lineup of Rose, Bron, and KD get it on cruise control. You play to win the game. You win… the game. Hello? Do your homework and making it easy on yourself to pull the trigger carefree. You never know when your dude is all of a sudden heading to the locker room. Are you ready to throw Jason Terry in there over Mike Conley? 

*If your categories yield a noticeable difference in total tallies, like it does here with Conley carrying 1 more, then he may be the better choice.

It’s a lot of back and forth, but within minutes you can begin to form an educated guess as players soon standout by taking a quick look. If you’re at work and don’t have time to stop working for what’s really important; then maybe just quickly narrow it down to three and go with any of them. As long as your lineup is strong categorically that’s all that matters.

There are some more attributes that need be considered like strength of schedule, team record, etc..but in the NBA it's the next man up. Make sure you have your boys are ready to come off the bench when it’s their time. I can’t remember a season where this many stars have gone down and it has made the secondary guard market the place to be for fantasy scouts.

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