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A Chance to go to the ESPY's

Brought to you by one of our partners: proFANitysports is launching a new promotion next week where the Grand Prize Winner is going to the ESPY’s which are being held in Los Angeles this July. It’s the follow up to their Super Bowl in Las Vegas promotion and if it’s anything like that contest it should be first rate.

There are a several ways to qualify and I won’t go into the specifics but I can tell you that it’ll be based on your ability to be successful in the world of NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball. A lot of you play commissioner league games now and the concept is pretty much the same with the biggest difference being that you draft a new team each day.

Think about that for a second. No scrounging around the waiver wire trying to find somebody who might play a couple of minutes just so you can put together a few extra points for the week. You aren’t stuck with under performers or injuries or commitments. You draft your team each day according to salary, position and who is playing that night.

As an example, I entered a $5 head to head league today on and this is the team I drafted:
G – Ricky Rubio, Deron Williams
F – David Lee, Kevin Love
C – Marcus Camby
Util – Jeremy Lin, Bismack Biyombo, Matt Bonner

There is no commissioner league in the world where you could start that lineup (and if you can, please invite me next time you guys are drafting). The way it works is that each player is assigned a salary cap figure and you have to put together a lineup that stays underneath that cap number. sets theirs at $100 million and typically the most expensive players are around $18 million. That said you can still easily have a team with Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Dwight Howard anytime you want as long as you’re willing to fill out the bottom of your roster with the Kenyon Dooling and Xavier Henry’s of the world.

Sorry to say but I don’t know the answer to the question of what’s the best strategy when putting together a lineup; that’s something you’ll have to figure out as you go. But there are tons of free or $2 leagues you can join so that your learning curve isn’t too expensive. Once you’ve got the hang of it you can play for more cash and some awesome prizes.

Daily Fantasy Sports takes what you already really enjoy (fantasy football, basketball, baseball, etc.) and makes it new and exciting every night. Oh yeah, and if you’ve got the skills, it could take you to the ESPY’s too.