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Rookie Moves - Jake Magnusson

Jimmer Fredette didn’t invite Marshon Brooks to his Rookie Exhibition Invitational and I don’t blame him. Brooks would’ve schooled the Jimmer back in September in front of his hometown. Marshon Brooks game is so nice he is earning respect from Deron Williams these days. The New Jersey native is quickly becoming trade bait for D12 with his high efficiency rating and 7’1” wingspan at the defensive end. Sidelined with a quietly held injury I am anxious to see what this kid can really do as this year’s rookie class continues to impress. Bienvenido a la NBA Ricard Rubio! The future is bright in Minnesota. The rook has an international style that’s electrifying spectators with ridiculous passing and ability to getting to the rim. Rubio’s new energy is providing a nice spark for the T-Wolves and Rubio makes them a tough opponent every night. For the First time in my life I am sitting down to a T-Wolves game on more than one occasion. The Spanish fly is leading the league in steals and is 5th in the league in assist. A sure fire front runner for rookie of the year Ricky Rubio has made those Fantasy owners who picked him up mucho mucho feliz.

If you’re looking for the next generation of the NBA you can’t have that conversation without including Australia’s Kyrie Irving. Living in “The Cleve” has some advantages; good schools, parks, the simpler life…etc…being an NBA star isn’t one of them. Kyrie’s’ numbers could challenge Rubio for Rookie of the year if the Spaniards numbers fall off. Though you’d never Irving is averaging 18 ppg, 5 apg he is making the best of a bad situation in Cleveland by leading the Cavs to a few more wins than expected. Selecting Kyrie was a nice first step in Dan Gilbert’s execution of his master plan but it’s going to be awhile to build around him.

This year’s class of newbs has propped up clubs around the league and no rookies have meant more during this injury riddled 2012 season.  Being a standout rookie hasn’t meant much in fantasy rosters due to the lack of playing time, but they have aided your starters by providing valuable minutes in spots where an injury would normally devastate your man’s ability to maintain his season averages.

With the season half over these players will see more and more minutes as teams begin to solidify their rosters for the playoffs and next season. Look to these select rookies to begin to have a bigger impact on your fantasy rosters. By tweaking your lineups to account for the Gain/Loss in production of your guys you can maximize the potential of squad in the second half of the year. This has been a great year so far with all the new changes around the league, but as the season winds down and some of you find that this year’s team sucked; you might as well get ready for next season by staying up with trade debate updates and we talk because you know you’ll be back in 2013.

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