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Stat Grabber - Andrew Ericksen

Steph Curry comes back strong, Bargnani comes back firing but quickly hits the sidelines again, and Andrew Bogut lost for the season.  There are plenty of ways to make up for injury losses and player struggles so we've got some of the things you'll need to know going forward. Who's got the hot hand and who's struggling to find to the rim.  It's all about applying a little math to your routine, but I'll say no more and let the numbers speak for themselves

Stats We Like

  • After a sluggish start to the season, and a bizarrely open approach to the trading block by President Danny Ainge, the Celtics are back on track, thanks largely in part to Paul Pierce.  Averaging 22.3 over his last 4, Pierce has been hitting threes, dishing out assists, and racking up the boards just like he always has.
  • Minutes played in the first start of the season for Mavericks 23-year-old Guadeloupean G Rodrigue Beaubois's, and boy did he deliver!  22 points on 9 for 15 shooting with 3 threes, 7 assists, 6 rebounds, and - most impressive of all - 4 blocks.  Currently owned in 36% of yahoo leagues, Beaubois could be one of the hottest pick-ups in the next week or so, especially if Kidd remains sidelined.  Anyone who remembers his 40 point performance his rookie season where he hit 9 for 11 from beyond the arc is aware that Rodney can play.
  • Total threes in the last four games from Kings rookie G Jimmer Fredette, the last two games with Jimmer in Sacramento's starting 5.  He'd only hit 16 threes on the year coming into his last four games, so any Jimmer fanatics out there should be quite pleased with the recent playing time.  Marcus Thornton should miss another week or two so we'll see if Jimmer can continue to improve with more minutes, but if you're looking for long-term season help, you may want to wait until Sacramento's fully recovered before you fully commit.
Stats We Don't Like

  • Times this season that Pacers PF David West has scored 20 points in a game.  He averaged 18.9 last year and is only three years removed from a season where he averaged 21 a game.  He's never provided much help on the defensive end, and his current averages of 11.8 points and 6.7 rebounds make it tough to hold onto him in smaller leagues.  The main benefit I'm seeing right now from West is efficiency with his 80% from the strike and 1.3 turnovers, but if you're looking for anything quantitative, and there's an attractive free agent pick-up out there, you may want to change things up.
  • Field goals from Warriors G Monta Ellis in his last two outings.  Ellis had scored 30 or more three times with Curry out this year, and even found some consistency in the first two games with Curry back - scoring 25 and 20 points in the respective games.  But Ellis's 5 for 17 against OK City wasn't something owners wanted to see.  Ellis is a bizarre sort of hybrid guard and while both youngsters are extremely talented, as Curry continues to develop, it will be interesting to see what comes of Ellis's game.
  • Rockets PG Kyle Lowry's field goal percentage this past week, failing to shoot over 20% in his past three outings.  Hopefully he'll find his way out of this little slump but on the positive side, Lowry's still maintained solid steals and assists while getting to the line during his shooting slump.
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