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Who Would You Rather Have? Alex Gordon vs Andre Ethier

Fantasy Sports is all about what have you done for me lately.  This is clearly evident in Andre Ethier's recent down season, and Alex Gordon's breakthrough season...which we had all been waiting for.  But is Alex Gordon really 5 rounds and 50 players better than Andre Ethier?

Players selected directly before/after
Alex Gordon - Michael Morse/Buster Posey
Andre Ethier - Brandon Beachy/Jayson Werth

CONSIDERING WHERE THEY ARE DRAFTED, which player would you rather have on your team?

Debate in the comments section!

Alex GordonAvg Last 3 YearsKC91339549220112434181840.2500.3380.4120.751706
Andre EthierAvg Last 3 YearsLAD14553377152351228363107320.2850.3640.4740.83812511
Who Would You Rather Have?

Who Would You Rather Have?
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