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Who Would You Rather Have? Brett Lawrie vs Kevin Youkilis

Here we have a classic battle of Old School vs New School. Kevin Youkilis has been doing this in Boston since 2004, batting over .300 three seasons in a row before last years position change. Brett Lawrie was one of the most added players in fantasy baseball last year after he got the call in Toronto.

Lawrie has ALL of the tools to become a top 3B in fantasy baseball this season, but is he worth a 5th round pick?

Players selected directly before/after
Brett Lawre - David Price/Brian McCann
Kevin Youkilis - Matt Cain/Chase Utley

CONSIDERING WHERE THEY ARE DRAFTED, which player would you rather have on your team?

Brett Lawrie2011TOR431502644849251631710.2930.3730.5800.953545
Kevin YoukilisAvg Last 3 YearsBOS1194288112431321796897510.2900.3990.5240.923636

Who Would You Rather Have?

Who Would You Rather Have?
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