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Who Would You Rather Have? Jimmy Rollins vs Derek Jeter

When it comes to veteran shortstops, Jimmy Rollins and Derek Jeter are the best of the best. However, which one still has enough gas in the tank to last a 162 game season?  Jeter is 4 years Rollins senior but Rollins and the Phillies are minus Ryan Howard for a long time this season. 

Players selected directly before/after
Jimmy Rollins - Shin-Soo Choo/Shane Victorino
Derek Jeter - Adam Wainwright/Mat Latos

CONSIDERING WHERE THEY ARE DRAFTED, which player would you rather have on your team?

Debate in the comments section!

Jimmy RollinsAvg Last 3 YearsPHI12853078135273156047542660.2540.3180.3990.716787
Derek JeterAvg Last 3 YearsNYY147614101184273116560922150.3000.3670.4080.77511110
Who Would You Rather Have?

Who Would You Rather Have?
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