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Who Would You Rather Have? Rickie Weeks vs Jemile Weeks

Which brother would you rather have manning the second base position for your fantasy team?  Rickie is being selected on average in the 8th round, 89th overall.  His younger brother Jemile is going in the 14th round on average with the 157th pick.  

Players selected directly before/after
Rickie: CJ Wilson/Drew Storen
Jemile: Huston Street/Emilio Bonifacio

CONSIDERING WHERE THEY ARE DRAFTED, which player would you rather have on your team?
Debate in the comment section!

Rickie WeeksAvg Last 3 YearsMIL10541772112213195246110730.2700.3520.4830.835898
Jemile Weeks2011OAK9740650123268236216222110.3030.3400.4210.76115714

Which Weeks brother would you rather have?


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