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Fantasy Baseball 2012: Roster Moves Prior to Opening Day

Within minutes of every draft wrapping up there are moves made.  Sometimes its because you missed the beginning/middle/end of the draft and the computer auto drafted someone that you are not fond of, or was a 3rd shortstop.  Other people look back at their draft and say what the hell was I thinking?!  Well thankfully the waiver wire is always full of talent before the season begins.  Below are the top players from last season that are less than 75% owned in Yahoo leagues.  If you are still looking to improve your roster before the season really begins, take a look!

Fantasy Points are based on the following scoring system:

Singles - 1pt
Doubles - 2pts
Triples - 3pts
Homeruns - 2pts
RBI - 2pts
Runs Scored - 2pts
Walks - 1pt
Stolen Bases - 1pt
Win - 10 pts
Innings Pitched - 2 pts
Earned Runs Allowed - (1pt)
Strike Outs - .5pt

Player% OwnedH/ABR1B2B3BHRRBISBBBFan Pts
Torii Hunter (LAA - OF) 74%152/580801032422382562594
Gaby Sanchez (Mia - 1B) 62%152/57272983501978374583
Carlos Pena (TB - 1B) 55%111/493725327328802101579
Josh Willingham (Min - OF) 66%120/48869652602998456569
Ryan Roberts (Ari - 2B,3B) 73%120/482867425219651866554
Austin Jackson (Det - OF) 61%147/59190104221110452256549
Danny Espinosa (Was - 2B) 61%135/573728029521661757545
Dexter Fowler (Col - OF) 63%128/481847335155451268536
Juan Pierre (Phi - OF) 5%178/639801551742502743535
Matt Joyce (TB - OF) 65%128/462697532219751349533
Kelly Johnson (Tor - 2B) 64%121/545756627721581660525
Raul Ibanez (NYY - OF) 15%131/53565793112084233517
Seth Smith (Oak - OF) 11%135/476677932915591046508
Yunel Escobar (Tor - SS) 70%149/513771112431148361504
Danny Valencia (Min - 3B) 18%139/56463942821572240498
Bobby Abreu (LAA - OF) 5%127/50254883018602178494
Angel Pagan (SF - OF) 45%125/47868902447563244488
Hideki Matsui (Oak - OF) NA 1%130/51758902801272156487

There are no catchers on this list.  Clearly that position is super weak and all of the "good" one get drafted.

First base is a super deep position, but Gaby Sanchez and Carlos Pena are extremely valuable in certain league types.  Obviously Sanchez is going to have the better all around game, but Pena is returning to his roots in TB and they are a much better offensive team than the Cubs were last season.

Second base has 3 decent options here with Ryan Roberts leading the way with his multi position eligibility.  Espinosa and Johnson are guys who could provide 20 HRs from the 2bl position, which was only done by 6 others.  None of these guys will provide a good batting AVG though.

At the hot corner, Ryan Roberts and Danny Valencia provide top 10 third base talent from last season, if you remove Jose Bautista, Albert Pujols and Neil Walker from the list. 

Shortstop is another weak position that rarely gets any help from the waiver wire.

There are 11 outfielders on that list lead by Torii Hunter who was a top 30 OF last season.  Juan Pierre, Raul Ibanez, and Bobby Abreu are the only guys I would be upset with on my roster.  Hideki Matsui is not currently on a roster.

Player% OwnedIPWERKFan Pts
Justin Masterson (Cle - SP) 73%2161277158554
Randy Wolf (Mil - SP) 8%212.11387134534.67
Colby Lewis (Tex - SP) 68%200.11498169527.17
Javier Vázquez (Mia - SP) NA 6%192.21379162517.33
Mark Buehrle (Mia - SP) 46%205.11382109513.17
Trevor Cahill (Ari - SP) 57%207.21296147512.83
Joe Saunders (Ari - SP) 3%2121287108511
Edwin Jackson (Was - SP) 55%199.21284148509.33
Ryan Vogelsong (SF - SP) 56%179.21354139504.83
Matt Harrison (Tex - SP) 28%185.21470126504.33
Kyle Lohse (StL - SP) 26%188.11471111501.17
Wandy Rodriguez (Hou - SP) 67%1911174166501
Ted Lilly (LAD - SP) 63%192.21285158499.33
Jhoulys Chacin (Col - SP) 67%1941178150495

Justin Masterson only allowed 77 earned runs in 216 innings pitched!  How is this guys just 73% owned?

Javier Vazquez might retire so dont even think about picking him up.

Guys like Mark Buehrle, Trevor Cahill, Joe Saunders, Edwin Jackson, and Jhoulys Chacin are all guys that can help your fantasy team.