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Fantasy Basketball Week 12 (3/11-3/17)

3/16 - NBA Trade Deadline Recap
  • Dwight Howard is still on the Orlando Magic and will be there next season as well.
  • The Wizards, Nuggets and Clippers completed a 3 team deal:
    • Wizards receive Nene - Increase in fantasy value
    • Nuggets receive JaVale McGee - Increase in fantasy value
    • Clippers receive Nick Young - Increase in fantasy value
  • The Portland Trail Blazers were involved in multiple deals
    • Gerald Wallace was traded to the Nets - Increase in fantasy value
    • Marcus Camby was traded to the Rockets - Value stays the same
  • Stephen Jackson, who was just traded to the Warriors, was shipped to San Antonio for Richard Jefferson - Jackson's value increases, while Jefferson's value decreases.  I wouldnt own either player though
  • The Lakers were involved in multiple deals as well acquiring Ramon Sessions and Jordan Hill - Both players value increases but only Sessions' should be owned.
  • Leandro Barbosa is now a member of the Indiana Pacers - Fantasy value decreases

3/13 - The Milwaukee Bucks have acquired Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown from the Golden State Warriors.  In return they will send Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson to the Bay Area.  Given that Andrew Bogut has not played since January 25th, this is a STEAL for the Bucks.

3/12 - Kyle Lowry will miss 2-4 weeks due to infection.  Goran Dragic is A MUST OWN.  At just 24% owned, Dragic will be running the point for the Rockets.  In his two starts for Lowry, he has posted back to back 20 point games and dished out 16 assists.  He also shot 15-29 over those two games knocking down 8 3s!

After a week off vacationing in Miami Florida, we are back with Week 12 Basketball.  We hope all of you had a good week without any help from us.  This is a good week to come back as Ricky Rubio has been ruled out for the season with a Torn ACL.  He will be nearly impossible to replace, but Luke Ridnour(58% owned Yahoo) gave owners hope that he could continue playing near Ricky's level before the injury.  In his start on Saturday night against the Hornets, Ridnour scored 14 points while dishing out 10 assists.  He is most likely available in your league, but I would look elsewhere.  Lou Williams(79%) should be your first option.  He is averaging 19 points 3 assists and 3 rebounds over his last 5 games.

Teams Playing 5 Games
Boston Celtics (21-19) - A 5 game west coast road trip starts in LA with games against the Lakers and Clippers.  Clearly a test for the aging Celtics, they are 4-1 in March heading into today's game with the Lakers.  After LA they head to Golden State, Sacramento and Utah.  This is actually the start of an 8 game road trip for the Celtics.  Expect less minutes per game for Allen, Pierce and Garnett as the week moves on.

Golden State Warriors (16-21) - The Warriors continue to win 2 lose 3 win 3 lose 2.  They just can not figure out how to get on a win streak that puts them back in the playoff hunt.  Monta Ellis trade rumors will keep him focused as he is averaging 20 points 6.6 assists 3 rebounds and nearly 2 steals a night over his last 5 contests.  Steph Curry has played just 49 minutes in the last 3 games but has scored 37 points during that time, going 5-9 from 3pt.  However, he rolled his ankle again on Saturday night so he could miss games again this week.

Indiana Pacers (23-15) - The Pacers will be out to prove themselves worthy of the National spotlight this week with 5 games against teams destine for the playoffs.  The Magic, Trail Blazers, 76ers and a home and home against the Knicks are what lays ahead for Indiana.  Roy Hibbert and Darren Collison has not scored 15 points in a game since February 21 against the Hornets.  That is a main reason why the Pacers have lost 4 in a row.

Los Angeles Clippers (23-15) - The Clippers are just 4-6 in their last 10 games.  Caron Butler has been struggling as of late and DeAndre Jordan has been so disappointing this season.  LA has been relying heavily on Paul and Griffin to stay competitive in games.  With 5 home games this week the Clippers should be able to find some consistency and get back on track.

New York Knicks (18-23) - The Knicks have lost 4 straight and face 5 playoff teams this week including a home and home with the division leading Pacers.  The offense has not been the problem though so fantasy owners should not worry.  Missing Jared Jeffries and Tyson Chandler being injured has proven to be a killer for the Knicks. 

Toronto Raptors (13-27) - Jose Calderon recently injured his ankle and will not play on Sunday, but is supposed to travel with the team on the 4 game road trip.  Jared Bayless should see a boost in minutes this week as they will slowly add Calderon back into the rotation.  At 2-4 in March, the Raptors continue to struggle this season.  They have not scored 100 points since February 15.  DeMar DeRozan however has scored 20 points in 4 of his last 6 games so continue to keep him in your lineups, and no other Raptors(outside of Bayless) until Calderon is playing at 100% again.

Every other team plays 4 times except the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves, Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trail Blazers.

  • The Clippers play all 5 games at home
    • The Kings, Nuggets and Bulls play all 4 games at home
      • The Mavericks play all 3 of their games at home
  • The Celtics play all 5 games on the road
    • The Wizards play all 4 games on the road
      • The Pistons, Heat, Timberwolves and Trail Blazers play all 3 games on the road

Schedule info courtesy of Basketball Monster

If you have any roster questions don't hesitate to leave a comment!