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March Madness 2012 - Breaking Down the Brackets

If you are not familiar with Profanity or daily fantasy sports, take a peak now!

Saturday March 31 Final Four TV Schedule
Louisville vs Kentucky 6:09pm EST on CBS
Ohio St vs Kansas 8:49pm EST on CBS

What did your Final Four look like before the tourny started?  Let us know in the comment section!

Did You Know (Final Four)?      Pick Distribution        Popular Brackets
  • 58% of the brackets selected Kentucky to win in the Final Four
  • 18% of the brackets selected Kansas to win in the Final Four
  • 12.9% of the brackets selected Ohio State to win in the Final Four
  • 1.3% of the brackets selected Louisville to win in the Final Four
East - Break down of each team

Isn't is a law that the Vermont Catamounts have to make it to the Tournament?  I mean when was the last time they didn't play in the round of 64?  This is their 5 straight appearance after knocking off the Lamont Cardinals.


Possible First Round Upsets
  • Southern Miss (9) over Kansas St (8) 24% picked Sourthern Miss
  • West Virginia (10) over Gonzaga (7) 46% picked West Virginia
  • Texas (11) over Cincinnati (6) 25% picked Texas
Potential National Champions - Ohio St, Syracuse

West - Break Down of each team

I went to bed last night after the first half of the Iona BYU game thinking that Iona would be facing Marquette and possibly upsetting them in the first round.  Machado had 8 or 9 assists, Glover was killing the boards and converting every layup/dunk at the hoop and the Gales were flying up and down the court and drilling every jump shot, while the Cougars looked flustered and out of control.  To my disbelief, I woke up with BYU beating Iona 78-72 by holding the Gaels to just 17 second half points! They had 55 at half time!

Possible First Round Upsets
  • Long Beach St (12) over New Mexico (5) 29% picked Long Beach
Actual First Round Upsets
  • St Louis (9) over Memphis (8) 27% picked St Louis
  • Norfolk St (15) over Missouri (2) 1.1% picked Norfolk St
Potential National Champions - Michigan St, Missouri Louisville, Florida

South - Break down of each team

I did not watch the Western Kentucky, Mississippi Valley game but the highlights show everything you need to know about college basketball.  The first half does not matter and anything is possible.  That's what makes March Madness, March Madness.

Possible First Round Upsets
  • UConn (9) over Iowa St (8) 71% picked UConn
  • Xavier (10) over Notre Dame (7) 45% picked Xavier
Actual First Round Upsets
  • Lehigh (15) over Duke (2) .9% picked Lehigh
  • VCU (12) over Wichita St (5) 36% picked VCU
  • Colorado (11) over UNLV (6) 22% picked Colorado
  • Xavier (10) over Notre Dame (7) 45% picked Xavier
Potential National Champions - Kentucky, Duke, Baylor

Midwest - Break down of each team

Last nights play in game between South Florida and California was almost a replay of the two games on Tuesday night.  The Golden Bears were down 23 at half, scoring just 13 points, but somehow managed to score 41 in the second half, only to lose to the Bulls by 11. 

Possible First Round Upsets
  • Alabama (9) over Creighton (8) 45% picked Alabama
  • N.C. State (11) over San Diego St. (6) 49% picked N.C. State
Actual First Round Upsets
  • Purdue (10) over St Marys (7) 47% picked Purdue
  • N.C. State (11) over San Diego St. (6) 49% picked N.C. State 
  • South Florida (12) over Temple (5)  20% picked South Florida
  • Ohio (13) over Michigan (4) 10% picked Ohio
Potential National Champions - Kansas, North Carolina

Potential Bracket Buster
Long Beach St (12)

Actual Bracket Buster
Lehigh (15)
Norfolk St (15)
Ohio (13)
South Florida (12)