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Billy-Ball: First Month of the Season Edition

Are you ready for baseball?  Am I the only one simply itching to get started already? I honestly don’t think I can live through one more “30 Teams in 30 Days” update.  Let’s begin by looking at the first month for each team.

  • The Diamondbacks start their season with 10 of their  first 16 at home and none against 2011 postseason teams, but they do face the Giants, Braves, and Rockies as well as the Pirates and Padres. They end the month with the Phils and Marlins, the beasts of the NL East.
  • The Braves have 10 of 16 road games to start the season, but don’t feel badly for them because they face the Mets six times and the Astros thrice. They also go up against the Milwaukee and Arizona, before ending the month against the Dodgers and Pirates for seven. The Braves have a terrific opportunity to get off to a great start.
  • The Orioles host the Twins and Yankees to open the season before going off on a nine-game road trip to Toronto, Chicago and LA. They then host the Jays and the A’s before turning the month in New York. A .500 record over the first month would be a real nice start to the Duquette era.
  • The Red Sox open their 2012 season with 12 of their first 15 games against 2011 postseason teams: Detroit (Justin Verlander versus Jon Lester in the opener), Tampa, Texas, and New York. Their other three games are against Toronto who may be breathing down their necks this season in the AL East (or, I think overtaking them). They start on the road for six before coming home for nine. They need a good 2012 start after a bad 2011 ending and not only won’t it be easy, but don’t be surprised if it starts getting real ugly, real early for the Nation.
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