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Top 15 Hitters and Pitchers less than 75% Owned

It might be early in the season, but there have plenty of trips to the DL already and many players have been disappointing.  If you are looking to fix your roster, take a look at these players first.  They are the top 15 hitters and pitchers that are less than 75% owned in Yahoo leagues.

How fantasy points are scored:

Singles - 1pt
Doubles - 2pts
Triples - 3pts
Homeruns - 2pts
RBI - 2pts
Runs Scored - 2pts
Walks - 1pt
Stolen Bases - 1pt

Win - 10 pts
Innings Pitched - 2 pts
Earned Runs Allowed - (1pt)
Strike Outs - .5pt

Player% OwnedR1B2B3BHRRBISBBBFan PtsPlayer% OwnedIPWERKFan Pts
Adam Dunn (CWS - 1B) 74%16970923019138Jason Hammel (Bal - SP) 66%38.24938127.33
Rafael Furcal (StL - SS) 73%2125101113513136Bartolo Colón (Oak - SP) 58%47.231528124.33
Chase Headley (SD - 3B) 62%181570416221128Chris Capuano (LAD - SP) 50%36.24936122.33
Kelly Johnson (Tor - 2B) 67%202010615118123Jason Vargas (Sea - SP) 28%43.231532118.33
Alejandro De Aza (CWS - OF) 54%21167239414120Ricky Nolasco (Mia - SP) 45%39.241221117.83
Cody Ross (Bos - OF) 53%16145152008117R.A. Dickey (NYM - SP) 29%38.141632116.67
Chris Johnson (Hou - 3B) 22%14216131823111Wandy Rodríguez (Hou - SP) 74%38.13727113.17
Matt Joyce (TB - OF) 71%151433614110110Derek Lowe (Cle - SP) 13%37.241010110.33
Cameron Maybin (SD - OF) 67%17143319917109Brandon McCarthy (Oak - SP) 53%45.221526109.33
Todd Helton (Col - 1B) 20%12871420111109Tommy Milone (Oak - SP) 16%36.241819104.83
Omar Infante (Mia - 2B) 64%15129251215106Gavin Floyd (CWS - SP) 42%38.221337102.83
Ian Desmond (Was - SS) 61%15207141216106Mark Buehrle (Mia - SP) 45%41.121322100.67
Chris Davis (Bal - 1B,3B) 67%15177051407106Joe Saunders (Ari - SP) 56%36.1252499.67
Josh Reddick (Oak - OF) 17%16178051135105Joe Blanton (Phi - SP) 11%353112199.5
Mike Moustakas (KC - 3B) 74%121510041517105Jake Westbrook (StL - SP) 37%34381999.5

Batters - Mike Moustakas is the best player on this list.  If you have the opportunity to add him to your roster, you should.  It is nice to see veterans Adam Dunn and Rafael Furcal having great seasons after struggling last year.  Adam Dunn is tearing it up right now and you can say it is safe to assume he will slow down soon, but take advantage of the power while you can!  Alejandro de Aza is a better add than Cameron Maybin, but if de Aza is gone, Maybin will absolutely help your team.

Pitchers - I would continue to stay away from the Oakland A's pitchers.  Jason Hammel and Chris Capuano are the top two on here to go after.