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2012 NBA Mock Draft

*These selections are based on team needs and with NO future roster moves in mind.

PickTeam Player
1New Orleans HornetsAnthony Davis
2Charlotte BobcatsAndre Drummond
3Washington WizardsBradley Beal
4Cleveland CavaliersMichael Kidd-Gilchrist
5Sacramento KingsThomas Robinson
6Portland Trail Blazers via Brooklyn NetsKendall Marshall
7Golden State WarriorsJared Sullinger
8Toronto RaptorsHarrison Barnes
9Detroit PistonsJohn Henson
10New Orleans Hornets via Minnesota TimberwolvesTerrence Jones
11Portland Trail BlazersTyler Zeller
12Houston RocketsMeyers Leonard
13Phoenix SunsDamian Lillard
14Milwaukee BucksTerrence Ross
15Philadelphia 76ersPerry Jones
16Houston Rockets via New York KnicksMarquis Teague
17Dallas MavericksFab Melo
18Houston Rockets via Minnesota Timberwolves via Utah JazzJeremy Lamb
19Orlando MagicQuincy Miller
20Denver NuggetsAustin Rivers
21Boston CelticsDion Waiters
22Boston Celtics via L.A. ClippersFestus Ezeli
23Atlanta HawksEvan Fournier
24Cleveland Cavaliers via L.A. LakersTony Wroten
25Memphis GrizzliesTyshawn Taylor
26Indiana PacersMoe Harkless
27Miami HeatRoyce White
28Oklahoma City ThunderDraymond Green
29Chicago BullsArnett Moultrie
30Golden State Warriors via San Antonio SpursJohn Jenkins

1.) New Orleans Hornets
  • No need to explain selecting Anthony Davis here, and there are no other options with the first pick

2.) Charlotte Bobcats
  • Starting from scratch, Thomas Robinson would be the obvious pick here, but with Bismack Biyombo and Tyrus Thomas alread on the roster, what good would another PF be?  Andre Drummond can come in and share time with Byron Mullens. 
    • Thomas Robinson or Micahel Kidd-Gilchrist could be the draft choice but I think Drummond is the better fit.
3.) Washington Wizards
  • Now the Wizards have aquired Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza, it is less likely that they go after Thomas Robinson or MKG.  Bradley Beal will have to come off the bench behind Jordan Crawford, but like Crawford pushed Nick Young out of D.C., Beal could be the starter by seasons end.
    • Previous Selection: Thomas Robinson
4.) Cleveland Cavaliers
  • A perfect fit for Kidd-Gilchrist and the Cavaliers.  With Kyrie Irving as the face of the franchise and go to scorer, MKG can provide Irving with a drive and dish partner who can knock down the mid-range jumper.  With Kyrie's ability to collapse a defense, MKG should get PLENTY of wide open looks.
    • If MKG is not available and Andre Drummond is I see them taking Drummond.  However if both are gone, I do not like a PF for them as they selected Tristan Thompson last year, so Bradley Beal is their 3rd best option.
5.) Sacramento Kings
  • We thought that Jared Sullinger and DMC would make a monster pair, but Thomas Robinson and DMC make for the scariest PF/C combo in the league.
    • Previous Selection: Jared Sullinger

6.) Portland Trail Blazers
  • If Beal is not available here the Blazers will HAVE to reach for a PG.  Marshall is a true leader and pure PG who will be gone by pick 11.  Damian Lillard is not the type of player Portland should be looking for and his skill set is not that of a 6th overall selection.
    • Previous Selection: Bradley Beal
7.) Golden State Warriors
  • The Wizards/Hornets trade has really shaken things up in the top 10.  With Sully dropping to the Warriors lap, it will be hard to pass on.
    • Previous Selection: Terrence Jones
8.) Toronto Raptors
  • Currently no SF on the roster that is worthy of 30+ minutes so Harrison Barnes is a nice fit.  Much like MKG, Barnes shouldn't be asked to lead his team in scoring so placing him next to DeMar Derozan and alongside Andrea Bargnani should do good for both Barnes and the Raptors.
9.) Detroit Pistons
  • Greg Monroe and John Henson would make for an epic front court.  Two guys with "Old School" games that compliment each other rather well.  Adding him to Monroe and Brandon Knight and the Pistons are ready to get back in the Playoff hunt in a WEAK Eastern Conference. 
10.) New Orleans Hornets via Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Trading Ariza left a gaping hole at the SF position.  Terrence Jones could start right away (after beating Al-Farouq Aminu in training camp). 
    • Previous Selection: Kendall Marshall
11.) Portland Trail Blazers
  • Reaching for a PG with their first lottery pick will allow the Blazers to select their favorite center, be that Tyler Zeller or Meyers Leonard..
12.) Houston Rockets via Milwaukee Bucks
  • After trading Samuel Dalembert to the Bucks, the Rockets fill that hole with Meyers Leonard
13.) Phoenix Suns
  • The future in Phoenix looks bleak so the Suns will take the best PG/SG available.  That could be either Jeremy Lamb or Damian Lillard at this point.
14.) Milwaukee Bucks via Houston Rockets
  • Now with Dalembert at center, they do not need to reach for one in the draft.  Enter Terrence Ross who could provide a nice punch off the bench..
15.) Philadelphia 76ers
  • If Pery Jones had stayed in the draft last year he would have EASILY been a top 5 pick.  After a down year, he falls to 15 but to the delight of Sixers fans.  They really are lacking any depth in the front court.
16.) Houston Rockets via New York Knicks
  • No need for Melo any more as they grabbed Leonard at pick 12.  Marquis Teague can allow the Rockets to move Kyle Lowry.
    • Previous Selection: Fab Melo
17.) Dallas Mavericks
  • The Mavericks have no valuable big behind an overpaid Brendan Haywood.  Melo could be the future in Dallas should they fail to land Dwight Howard.
    • Previous Selection: Marquis Teague
18.) Houston Rockets via Minnesota Timberwolves via Utah Jazz
  • Trading Chase Budinger for the #18 pick works for the Rockets in many ways.  They can use it to acquire better talent in a package, or use it to select Jeremy Lamb and protect themselves shoudl they need to move Kevin Martin and his contract.
19.) Orlando Magic
  • Orlando is locked into some pretty bad contracts, but no future SF.  Quincy Miller, while he might be a project is the BPA for Orlando.
20.) Denver Nuggets
  • Adding Austin Rivers to an already deep and talented roster just make the Nuggets better.
21.) Boston Celtics
  • While the Celtics might miss out on adding the coach's son to the team, they do have back to back picks.  They have no PG depth and no real center.  With no true PG available without reaching, Dion Waiters, who played some PG at 'Cuse, could provide the Celtics with another Avery Bradley type combo guard.
22.) Boston Celtics via Los Angeles Clippers
  • Festus Ezeli is a BIG body and the Nigerian could prove to be a valuable NBA center.
23.) Atlanta Hawks
  • Evan Fournier provides the Hawks with some youth and athleticism off the bench, which they need desperately.
24.) Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Tony Wroten can provide a spark off the bench for the Cavs while playing a similar style to Kyrie Irving.  Wroten's jumper is not there yet but he can get the rim at will.  If he ever develops a jump shot, he could be the steal of this draft.
25.) Memphis Grizzlies
  • Mike Conley needs some help and Gilbert Arenas is not the answer.  Tyshawn Taylor can help the Grizzlies second unit.
26.) Indiana Pacers
  • Moe Harkless has one of the best mid-range jumpers in the draft and can also finish strong at the rim.  Being able to spell Danny Granger throughout the season should help the Pacers go deeper into next yaer Playoffs.
    • Larry Bird & Co. could look to add some depth to the front court behind Roy Hibbert.  While Arnett Moultrie is a bit under sized ( 6'11 but just 224 lbs) his scoring ability and athleticism could be reason enough to be picked here.
27.) Miami Heat
  • Miami needs players who can do a little bit of everything and play multiple positions and that is exactly what Royce White does.
    • COULD reach for Kyle O'Quinn as his bigger body is what the Heat really lack
28.) Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Dramond Green would just add to an already stellar bench led by James Harden.
29.) Chicago Bulls
  • If Carlos Boozer is on the bench, the Bulls have no bigs who can knock down a jumper.  Arnett Moultrie can.
30.) Golden State Warriors via San Antonio Spurs
  • Adding Sully earlier in the round solidified their front court, and John Jenkins will provide scoring off the bench.