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Roto Think Tank - Evaluating a Player's Value: Trade Edition

The question is specifically about Alex Cobb, but I get this kind of query all the time during the regular season:
Who would you consider a comparable value bat to Cobb in 5x5 AL only?
The real question here is: how do I figure out what Alex Cobb is worth in trade?

For many of my Twitter followers, they want me to directly answer what hitter they should ask for in exchange for Alex Cobb. For me, that's a hard question to answer without knowing your league, how your categories are shaking out, and what your needs are. I try to give some guidelines as far as this goes, but generally speaking all I'm doing is making a very rough guess as to what Alex Cobb is worth in someone's league.

If you're interested in learning how to fish as opposed to me handing you a fish, here are a number of different ways I look at a player's value. Since Cobb was the pitcher someone asked about, here is a step-by-step walkthrough of my thought process on Cobb.

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