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2012 Fantasy Football TE Strength of Schedule

Based on last years statistics, we looked at the average points per game each teams position scored and compared it to how each teams defense fared against opponents by position.  We will break down the best and worst possible matchup and tell you which week they play each other so you can edit your roster accordingly.

Tight End Matchups

The Patriots have 2 of the top 10 TEs, if not Top 5 TEs in fantasy.  How much better are they then the rest of the bunch?  Well, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez led the Patriots TEs to 346.7 fantasy points.  The Saints and Jimmy Graham were a close second with 191.5!  Only 3 teams averaged double digit points from the TE position and that 3rd team is the Lions and Brandon Pettigrew.  The Patriots get the benefit of the worst TE defense in the Buffalo Bills twice this season, in Weeks 4 and 10.  They only have 2 other matchups against bottom feeders and that is a Week 11 matchup with the Colts and a Week 16 matchup with the Jaguars (Championship!).  New Orleans has the luxury of seeing the Redskins in Week 1, Packers in Week 4, Chargers in week 5 and the Giants in a Week 14 playoff matchup.  For Detroit, two matchups against the Vikings in Weeks 4 & 10, and a Week 9 showdown with the Jaguars should help boost Pettigrew's point total after starting the season off against the Rams and 49ers (both top 5 against the Te last year).  Another awesome championship week matchup  for TEs will be when the Lions head to Dallas in Week 16 to take on the Cowboys.

Believe it or not, the St. Louis Rams guarded the TE better than any other team in the league last year.  They allowed just a single TD to Jason Witten in Week 7.  Good thing for fantasy owners is that the Seahawks get the Week 17 matchup and well they were the 2nd WORST TE scoring team in the league.  Even with the Kellen Winslow addition, they don't prioritize the TE too much.  That means that Vernon Davis might have a hard time helping teams fight for playoff spots near seasons end as the Niners take on the Rams in Weeks 10 & 13.  Other big time TE facing the Rams this year are Fred Davis (Week 2), Jermichael Finely (Week 7), Gronkowski and Hernandez (Week 8), Dustin Keller (Week 11) and Kyle Rudolph (Week 15).

The Rams and Seahawks were the only teams who scored ZERO TDs from the TE position last season.  The Chiefs and Jaguars scored just once.  The Bears only completed 25 passes to TEs last season but 7 went for scores.  With Jay Cutler back under Center though the completions should increase.  The Broncos only completed 30 passes to TEs but like the Bears, with Peyton Manning at QB instead of Tim Tebow you can expect more TE completions.

Info courtesy of Fantasy Football Today

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