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2012 Fantasy Football WR Strength of Schedule

Based on last years statistics, we looked at the average points per game each teams position scored and compared it to how each teams defense fared against opponents by position.  We will break down the best and worst possible matchup and tell you which week they play each other so you can edit your roster accordingly.

Wide Receiver Matchups

Not to anyone's surprise, the Green Bay Packers wide receiving core lead the NFL in fantasy points per game by a long shot!  While the Packers WRs caught 38 TDs, the next closest team was the Cowboys receivers who brought down 27!  As mentioned in the QB SOS, the Detroit Lions have the unlucky task of taking on the Pack in weeks 11 and 14.  They allowed 210 receptions to receivers last year, which was only better than the Patriots (242, leagues worst) and Bears (214).  But the Lions were 2nd best at producing fantasy WRs last year and they get to face the Green Bay Packers defense which was the 4th worst vs. Receivers.  Another positive about Lions wideouts are that they face the Bears in that insignificant Week 17, leaving just a week 7 matchup against a tough defense.  As a matter of fact, the Lions schedule produced just 4 matchups against the leagues top 10 WR defense from last season in Weeks 3 (Titans), 8 (Seahawks), 9 (Jaguars) and 12 (Texans). 

The Cleveland Browns were the leagues BEST team against WRs and that means the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens WRs could struggle in weeks 2 & 6 (Bengals) 4 & 9 (Ravens).  The Steelers luck out here and have the Week 17 matchup but do see the Browns in a Week 12 matchup.  DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin open up the season against the Browns, Stevie Johnson will see them in Week 3, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz in Week 5, Reggie Wayne Week 7, Robert Meachem and Malcom Floyd Week 8, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant Week 11, and Dwayne Bowe in the playoffs Week 14.  Right behind the Browns in WR defense last year were their Division Rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  A.J. Green will face this D in a championship Week 16!  Once again the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants receivers will face the Steel Curtain in weeks 5, 9 and 15 respectively.  The Steelers are REALLY going to cause headaches in the playoffs as owners will need to figure out if playing The Chargers, Cowboys and Bengals receivers are worth the risk in weeks 14-16!

Do not be scared when your defense gets matched up with the 49ers, Ravens, or Texans.  The Ravens and Texans, while they are top notch teams, have shifted their focus to the run game and rarely put up big time passing numbers.  Obviously Anquan Boldin and Andre Johnson are big time receivers but Arian Foster and Ray Rice are their offense.  No team in the NFL completed less passes to the WRs than Houston and Baltimore

Even though the Patriots, Giants, Lions, Saints and Packers were 5 of the WORST WR defenses last year, they each get a matchup with the 49ers and should prove to be good matchups for fantasy value.

Info courtesy of Fantasy Football Today

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