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Route 4 Sports: 7 Rules of Fantasy Football Draft

It's getting close to that time again!  It's almost draft time.  My favorite time of year.  We rank our players, grab our cheat sheets and draft what we all think is the championship team.  We text our friends and tell them to just pay up now because this league is yours.  But then something terrible happens.  Your star wide receiver gets hurt, you start to panic and make a dumb trade. Then you're so mad your 3rd draft pick is stinkin it up for the first 4 weeks so you drop him only to see the guy score 14 touchdowns throughout the rest of the season.  Worry no more my friends because I'm gonna tell you how to win your draft and ultimately win your league.

The first and most important rule in Fantasy Football is never draft a kicker until the last round.  It's an absolute waste of time.  There's no telling how many FG attempts a kicker will have even with a lousy red zone offense.  And if you do draft a kicker earlier than the final round, for goodness sake at least get a kicker who plays in a dome.

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