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Intense Intestines NYC to BOS Ride for IBD Awareness

Hey Guys, please take a moment to donate $1, $5, $10, or even more in supporting my Fiancée Dana and I raise money for our friend Brian's foundation!  Dana is an elite Triathlete and will be joining Brian on the ride from New York City to Boston.  I on the other hand am more of a rah rah supporter of my Fiancée's freakishly athletic accomplishments and will be part of the support team!  Instead of losing a $5 Monday Night Football bet to your co-worker, save yourself the embarrassment and donate the money to a great cause!

Brian's Bio - Donate
As many of you know I suffer from Crohn's disease. A form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease that is extremely debilitating. I've overcome a lot during my battle, including over 25 surgeries and many flare ups of the disease. Now I'm trying to help others and raise awareness for IBD and ostomies. A group of friends and I are biking from New York City to Boston this October and we need your help to reach our fundraising goal. All proceeds go to the I.I.F. and helping us start the Intense Intestines Scholarship along with other IBD/Ostomy programs. Thank you so much for your support. It's going to be a great three days of riding up the East Coast 
Click here to Donate! NYC to BOS Ride for IBD Awareness

Our Bio
In 2008, I did a cross-country bike trip from Virginia to Oregon for Habitat for Humanity. I remember the week that I got back from this trip, Brian told me about a non-profit organization he himself wanted to start that would help raise funds and awareness for bowel diseases. I remember telling him that I would do the first biking trip that the Foundation had - and here I am! I do suffer from PCS: I had my gallbladder removed in 2007 and continue to suffer from PCS, or post-cholecystectomy syndrome. I look forward to the opportunity to raise funds and awareness of disorders such as mine, as well as more chronic and potentially destructive diseases such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and ostomies. Staying quiet about these conditions only gives the condition the power, not the person and I look forward to educating family and friends about bowel disorders. - Dana

I am volunteering and fundraising to support Brian, Intense Intestines, my Fiancée Dana who is doing the bike ride and suffers from PCS, and my sister Alison who was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when she was 12.  Having had several severe bouts as a teenager & college student, she remains faithful to her maintenance medication which helps keep her in remission. She still has an occasional flair up but is working on "time management" to reduce stress!  After 16 years with the condition, Alison is a successful dance teacher & choreographer. I was introduced to Brian through Dana and over the past 2 years have had the chance to see his passion for raising awareness first hand. We also happen to both be New York Mets fans! - Keith
Click here to Donate! NYC to BOS Ride for IBD Awareness

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Are you or anyone close to you affected by IDB, PCS, Chron's or Cholitis?  If so, share your story!  Never Stay Quiet!