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Sponsored Post: What Owners Should Do With Already Injured Stars In Fantasy Football

The 2012 NFL season has not even kicked off yet, but the injuries are starting to pile up for several fantasy football players. While most of these injuries are not season-ending, as far as fantasy football is concerned people do need to take them into consideration if they are still preparing for a draft. Here’s a look at some advice for a few of the top players in the league with injury issues

Trent Richardson
  • The Cleveland Browns, and fantasy owners for that matter, are already expecting big things from the rookie. Knee injuries have slowed him down a bit though, and there is a chance he sees limited action in the first few weeks of the season. His draft stock should not drop too much, because the knee issues are something he has dealt with well in the past.

Adrian Peterson
  • Technically, he is not currently injured. At the same time, no preseason games means that Peterson is probably not at full strength just yet. When healthy, Peterson is one of the best fantasy football running back options in the NFL. With the chance of him being limited a bit in the first few weeks, he has dropped a bit. If your strategy is to pick running back after running back early on, Peterson is a solid 2nd or 3rd option. Anything higher than that is really taking a gamble on his health.
Miles Austin
  • One of Tony Romo’s favorite options when passing the ball has hardly been heard of since hurting his hamstring early on in training camp. Being on the Cowboys always comes with a lot of pressure and hype, but Austin is a player that should be avoided unless he drops into later rounds. It seems as though his hamstring issue is more of a problem than people thought at first, and those types of injuries can take a long time to completely heal.
Kenny Britt
  • Along with his knee injury woes from a year ago, Britt also has to sit out the opener due to suspension. Other than that though, there is not a whole lot to worry about when it comes to Britt. He looks as though he is back to full strength, and the Titans will go right back to utilizing him quite a bit during games.

Ryan Mathews
  • One of the most difficult decisions for fantasy owners is what to do exactly with Ryan Mathews. The running back for the Chargers was injured at the beginning of the preseason, but it looks as though he should be back by Week 3 or 4. Will he be 100% though? That remains to be seen, because his injury was a bit ugly. Due to him possibly missing as much as a quarter of the season, taking him before the third round is probably too risky. After that though, he should be talented enough to produce.
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