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ESPN ADP Mock Draft

Click here to see last weeks Yahoo ADP Mock Draft results

The results of ESPN's Average Draft Position Mock Draft produced 32 Point Guards, 25 Shooting Guards, 23 Power Forwards, 22 Centers and 18 Small Fowards.
* Please note that ESPN Live Draft Results page list just a single position for each player, while Yahoo list multiple positions.

All 30 teams had players drafted, with the Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers having 5 players drafted.  The majority of the league saw 4 of their players drafted.
The Charlotte Bobcats, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic each had just 3 players drafted.  The Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards were the only clubs with just 2 members of their rosters drafted.

Team 1Team 2Team 3
Kevin Durant, OKC SFLeBron James, Mia SFChris Paul, LAC PG
Al Horford, Atl CSerge Ibaka, OKC CMarc Gasol, Mem C
Rudy Gay, Mem SFMonta Ellis, Mil PGSteve Nash, LAL PG
Amare Stoudemire*, NY PFJoakim Noah, Chi CDanny Granger, Ind SF
Ryan Anderson, Nor PFBrook Lopez, Bkn CEric Gordon*, Nor SG
Kenneth Faried, Den PFWesley Matthews, Por SGLou Williams, Atl PG
Gerald Wallace, Bkn SFRaymond Felton, NY PGIsaiah Thomas, Sac PG
Andrew Bogut*, GS CEvan Turner, Phi SGLuis Scola, Pho PF
Darren Collison, Dal PGGeorge Hill, Ind PGElton Brand, Dal PF
Harrison Barnes, GS SFDion Waiters, Cle SGBrandon Roy, Min SG

Team 4Team 5Team 6
Deron Williams, Bkn PGDwyane Wade, Mia SGRussell Westbrook, OKC PG
James Harden, OKC SGBlake Griffin, LAC PFPau Gasol, LAL PF
Dirk Nowitzki*, Dal PFGreg Monroe, Det CBrandon Jennings, Mil PG
Tony Parker, SA PGRoy Hibbert, Ind CAnthony Davis, Nor PF
Kevin Garnett, Bos PFErsan Ilyasova, Mil SFJrue Holiday, Phi PG
Manu Ginobili, SA SGZach Randolph, Mem PFArron Afflalo, Orl SG
JaVale McGee, Den CJason Terry, Bos SGKevin Martin, Hou SG
Ben Gordon, Cha SGDerrick Rose*, Chi PGKemba Walker, Cha PG
Rodney Stuckey, Det SGSpencer Hawes, Phi CMichael Beasley, Pho SF
Tony Allen, Mem SGChris Kaman, Dal CJ.R. Smith, NY SG

Team 7Team 8Team 9
Kobe Bryant, LAL SGJosh Smith, Atl PFDwight Howard, LAL C
DeMarcus Cousins, Sac PFTy Lawson, Den PGKevin Love*, Min PF
Paul Millsap, Uta PFGoran Dragic, Pho PGPaul Pierce, Bos SF
Tyreke Evans, Sac PGPaul George, Ind SGMarcin Gortat, Pho C
Nicolas Batum, Por SFTyson Chandler, NY CKyle Lowry, Tor PG
Carlos Boozer, Chi PFMarcus Thornton, Sac SGKlay Thompson, GS SG
Damian Lillard, Por PGNene, Wsh CGordon Hayward, Uta SG
Nikola Pekovic, Min CAnderson Varejao, Cle CJeff Teague, Atl PG
Glen Davis, Orl PFThaddeus Young, Phi SFAndrei Kirilenko, Min SF
Jonas Valanciunas, Tor CChauncey Billups*, LAC PGSamuel Dalembert, Mil C

Team 10Team 11Team 12
Kyrie Irving, Cle PGAndrew Bynum, Phi CCarmelo Anthony, NY SF
Rajon Rondo, Bos PGLaMarcus Aldridge, Por PFAl Jefferson, Uta C
Joe Johnson, Bkn SGChris Bosh, Mia PFDavid Lee, GS PF
Mike Conley, Mem PGStephen Curry*, GS PGAndre Iguodala, Den SF
Luol Deng, Chi SFJohn Wall*, Wsh PGAndrea Bargnani, Tor PF
Jeremy Lin, Hou PGTim Duncan, SA PFDanilo Gallinari, Den SF
Ray Allen, Mia SGKris Humphries, Bkn PFO.J. Mayo, Dal SG
Mo Williams, Uta PGMichael Kidd-Gilchrist, Cha SFBrandon Knight, Det PG
Ricky Rubio*, Min PGKawhi Leonard, SA SFDeAndre Jordan, LAC C
DeMar DeRozan, Tor SGJameer Nelson, Orl PGAustin Rivers, Nor SG

What is your draft strategy heading into this years Fantasy Football season?  Let us know in the comment section!

Round 1
I think drafting any PG ahead of Russell Westbrook is a mistake.  Not that Chris Paul and Deron Williams are not elite PG and amazing fantasy players to own, but the OKC Thunder have such an explosive offense.  You know Russ is looking to score 30 points every night while getting at least 7 assists by default with guys like Durant and Harden surrounding him.

Round 2
As much as I love watching Serge Ibaka play, he is NOT a 2nd round pick as he is limited to the rebounding, blocking categories.  If I loved Kevin Love in Round 1 in last weeks Yahoo Mock, then obviously taking him in Round 2 is even better!  I compare it to drafting Ryam Mathews this year in football.  Even though you knew he would miss the first couple of games, his ability to single handily win you a game in the later weeks is worth the wait.
Round 3
Brandon Jennings...middle of Round 3?  Steal.  Same goes for David Lee as the final pick of the round.  The guy averaged 20 points last year and 9.5 rebounds!  That was better than Bosh, Stoudemire, & Gasol!

Rounds 4, 5 & 6
Mike Conley is easily a top 10 fantasy PG so if you can take him as the 12th drafted, BE GRATEFUL!  I would never draft Anthony Davis before Roy Hibbert, but I would go hard after Danny Granger in the 4th round as the SF position is not deep at all.  I would make sure that by the end of round 6 you have 2 or 3 category players (scorer, rebounding, etc) AND your all around stat sheet stuffer!

Rounds 7-10
Don't reach for Isiah Thomas early in round 7 and O.J. Mayo is a better fantasy player than Gordon Hayward and Ray Allen.  Unless you are looking for a 3pt shooter and a 3pt shooter only, draft Mayo ahead of Allen.  Brandon Knight, Mo Wililams, Jeff Teague, DERRICK ROSE, Darren Collison, George Hill, Ricky Rubio the PG position is plenty deep so keep that in mind.  Kawhi Leonard is such a sleeper pick it's amazing.  If you can grab him in any of these 3 rounds you HAVE to.  He is the 17th SF drafted OUT OF 18!  He is a much better and safer play than Andrei Kirilenko, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Harrison Barnes.  If by chance, Spencher Hawes, Samuel Dalembert and Jonas Valanciunas are drafted before Chris Kaman, and you land Chris Kaman, YOU WIN!
Notable Undrafted Free Agents
Derrick Favors
Tristan Thompson
Steve Novak
Jeff Green
Mario Chalmers
David West
Thomas Robinson
Bradley Beal
Brandon Bass
Trevor Ariza
J.J. Hickson
Wilson Chandler

ESPN's Average Draft Position