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Fantasy Basketball Week 3 Recap

Well the Knicks finally lost and now the new headline shifts the NBA's focus to Philadelphia where recently acquired center Andrew Bynum has confirmed that he injured his healthy knee while rehabbing his injured knee, all while bowling.  Not only has his hairstyles caused mass confusion around the internet, but now his "new" injury is  confusing fantasy owners!  What should you do with a man of his size who has constant knee issues?  At this point, unless you have significant bench spots, or the ability to stash him in an IR slot, its time to dump Bynum.  He can't help you now and will not be helping you anytime soon.

In other NBA injury news, Kawhi Leonard (53% owned Yahoo) of the San Antonio Spurs will miss at least the next 2 weeks with knee tendinitis.  Not a bad time to slide Stephen Jackson (7%) into your lineups if you have room. Brandon Roy (26%) will undergo another knee surgery, his 7th since high school.  The Timberwolves are the new Clippers. 

If you are looking to dump Bynum and his perm, than you should start by adding Omer Asik (73%) who we have been telling you to add since week 1.  The guy is a double-double waiting to happen.  However, if your league is competitive, Asik is more than likely gone.  Next up is J.J. Hickson (69%), who once again we have been telling you to add since week 1 but he is also most likely already owned.  That brings up to Tristan Thompson (27%) of the Cavaliers.  With 6 consecutive double digit scoring games, Thompson has gained confidence in his offense and is starting to shoot the ball a little more each night.  He has also grabbed at least 8 rebounds in 5 of his last 6 games.  It's hard to find guys who have double-double potential and get 31 minutes per game on the waiver wire anymore.

Speaking of double-doubles, Jose Calderon, Kevin Durant, Greg Monroe and Kobe Bryant all had TRIPLE-DOUBLES this week!  You would think it was easy!

Calderon (74%) has been UNBELIEVABLE filling in for the injured Kyle Lowry.  Just 2 games after recording a triple-double, Calderon decided to try and match Rajon Rondo's 20 assists performance by dishing out 18 of his own!  Did I mention that he 17 assists the game before the triple-double?  Kyle Lowry might miss the rest of November.  How do you play him over Calderon if you are the Raptors?

Chandler Parsons (60%) of the Houston Rockets has found his stroke from downtown and it is leading to uptick in scoring each night.  In his last 4 games, he has dropped 12 3pointers on just 15 attempts scoring over 20 points twice and hitting 19 once!

Scorers to Add
Dion Waiters - Cavaliers SG (70%)
Gordon Hayward - Jazz SG, SF (69%)
Jason Richardson - 76ers SG, SF (66%)
Chandler Parsons - Rockets SF, PF (60%)
Carl Landry - Warriors SF, PF (59%)
Shannon Brown - Suns SG, SF (19%)

Rebounders to Add
Omer Asik - Rockets C (73%)
Derrick Favors - Jazz PF, C (71%)
J.J. Hickson - Trail Blazers PF, C (69%)
Nikola Vucevic - Magic PF, C (58%)
Carl Landry - Warriors SF, PF (59%)
Byron Mullens - Bobcats PF, C (56%)
Larry Sanders - Bucks PF, C (48%)
Jason Thompson - Kings PF, C (43%)
Tristan Thompson - Cavaliers PF, C (28%)
Jason Maxiell - Pistons PF (7%)

3pt Shooters to Add
Dion Waiters - Cavaliers SG (70%)
Jason Richardson - 76ers SG, SF (66%)
J.J. Redick - Magic SG (65%)
Chandler Parsons - Rockets SF, PF (60%)
Danny Green - Spurs SG, SF (59%)
Jason Kidd - Knicks PG (59%)
Mike Dunleavy - Bucks SG, SF (57%)
Metta World Peace - Lakers SG, SF (48%)
Vince Carter - Mavericks SG (38%)
Randy Foye - Jazz PG, SG (37%)
Kyle Korver - Hawks SG, SF (37%)
Shane Battier - Heat SG, SF (15%)
Marcus Morris - Rockets SF, PF (6%)

Assists to Add
Greivis Vasquez - Hornets PG, SG (71%)
Mario Chalmers - Heat PG (56%)
Andre Miller - Nuggets PG, SG (47%)
Kirk Hinrich - Bulls PG, SG (32%)
A.J. Price - Wizards PG (27%)