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Why the Cavaliers Have to Trade Anderson Varejao

When Anderson Varejao received that massive $47,954,545 contract for 6 years in the summer of 2009, he was not very good.  You would think playing with LeBron James would give him his greatest chance at success, but it seems Varejao just needed LeBron to disappear!  When they offered Varejao that contract, it was a last ditch effort to prove to LeBron they were going to spend money on players that give him the best chance of winning.  Well LeBron brought his talents to South Beach and the Cavaliers ended up with the #1 pick and Kyrie Iriving.  It hasn't led to many wins, but it has started the path to a new and bright future in Cleveland.  The Cavaliers have come to a fork in the road and need to make a decision sooner rather than later.

It is impossible to think that Andy will keep playing at this high level for the rest of the season, let alone 2 full seasons.  He is now 30 years old and is not part of the future plans of the organization.  With his trade level so high Dan Gilbert needs to act now and add more pieces to the puzzle.  Clearly the backcourt is set with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters, so the Cavs need to look for small forwards, and centers in return.  Draft picks are always nice but they don't always pan out, I think they need to look for players before picks.

So who would be willing to acquire Anderson Varejao and who has the pieces to send back in return?

  • Boston Celtics - With recent draftees Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo, the package would obviously start around them but the Cavs should be looking at Jeff Green as the focal point.  The small forward they are lacking is locked into a 4 year $36 mil contract and if the Celtics are looking to win now since Garnett and Pierce are on the backends of their careers, maybe adding Varejao to the team is something they might consider.
Jeff Green from Boston Celtics
Green recently signed a contract and, as a result, he cannot be traded until Jan 15, 2013.
  • Oklahoma City Thunder - OKC just got a TON of draft picks in return for James Harden from the Rockets.  Plus guys like Perry Jones III and Jeremy Lamb have to spark some interest in the Cavs front office. 

  • Utah Jazz - With Al Jefferson, Paul Milsap, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter the Jazz have pieces to move and Kanter is a prospect the Cavs should want.  The Jazz also have guys like Marvin Williams and Gordon Hayward who could be sent back to Cleveland as well.

  • Milwaukee Bucks - If the Bucks ever want to win it will have to be with Brandon Jennings in the backcourt and with Derrick Rose and Danny Granger sidelined.  This is the year for the Bucks to take the Central Division but they can't do it without a center.  Dalembert's expiring contract plus Tobias Harrias and Doron Lamb should be enough, plus some picks.

Who do you think needs Varejao and what would it take for them to trade for him?