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Best Matchups for Fantasy Football Playoffs Week 15

If you are playing in Week 15, you either won your division or a 1st round playoff game, so congratulations to you!  To those of you who are in week 2 of their 1st round playoff matchup, let us know what your current score is! After drafting your team and tweaking it throughout the season via waiver wire and trades, this is it.  There is likely not much left out there to do other than play the best lineup you can assemble with the players you currently own.  We want to help you make it through your playoffs and win that championship!

Key Injuries:
QB: Robert Griffin III
RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, Fred Jackson, LeSean McCoy
WR: Dwayne Bowe, Dez Bryant, Percy Harvin
TE: Brent Celek

  • Josh Freeman vs New Orleans Saints
  • Drew Brees vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Andy Dalton vs Philadelphia Eagles
  • Cam Newton vs San Diego Chargers
  • Colin Kaepernick vs New England Patriots
  • Russell Wilson vs Buffalo Bills
  • Carson Palmer vs Kansas City Chiefs
  • Matt Schaub vs Indianapolis Colts
The way Cam Newton has been playing, fantasy owners are FINALLY seeing value and what better time than the playoffs!  Brees owes it to his owners for his duds the last 2 weeks.  This is a great matchup for him to really bust out.
  • Shonn Greene / Bilal Powell vs Tennessee Titans
  • Doug Martin vs New Orleans Saints
  • Jamaal Charles vs Oakland Raiders
  • Reggie Bush / Daniel Thomas vs Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Marshawn Lynch vs Buffalo Bills
  • Ryan Mathews vs Carolina Panthers
  • David Wilson vs Atlanta Falcons
  • Bryce Brown / Dion Lewis vs Cincinnati Bengals
  • Adrian Peterson vs St. Louis Rams
  • Chris Johnson vs New York Jets
  • Knowshon Moreno vs Baltimore Ravens
  • Darren McFadden vs Kansas City Chiefs
  • Arian Foster vs Indianapolis Colts
  • Matt Forte vs Green Bay Packers
  • Darren Sproles vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Steven Jackson vs Minnesota Vikings
The Jets are the most inconsistent team ever, I would not to be TOO excited to won Greene/Powell.  Don't count on the other NY running back to dominate this week either.  The Giants could easily be playing catch up early and abandoning the run game.  David Wilson's ridiculous game last week is nearly impossible to match.

  • Marques Colston / Lance Moore vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Josh Gordon vs Washington Redskins
  • Andre Johnson vs Indianapolis Colts
  • Vincent Jackson / Mike Williams vs New Orleans Saints
  • Sidney Rice / Golden Tate vs Buffalo Bills
  • Steve Smith vs San Diego Chargers
  • Pierre Garcon / Santana Moss vs Cleveland Browns
  • Reggie Wayne / Donnie Avery / T.Y. Hilton vs Houston Texans
  • Roddy White / Julio Jones vs New York Giants
  • A.J. Green vs Philadelphia Eagles
  • Michael Crabtree / Mario Manningham vs New England Patriots
  • Chris Givens vs Minnesota Vikings
  • Brandon Marshall vs Green Bay Packers
It is quite clear that the Texans can be had through the air.  Chad Henne and Tom Brady have proven that.  Andrew Luck is somewhere in between Henne and Brady so he should help Wayne, Avery and Hilton put up big numbers this week.

  • Benjamin Watson vs Washington Redskins
  • Dennis Pitta vs Denver Broncos
  • Vernon Davis vs New England Patriots
  • Dwayne Allen vs Houston Texans
  • Dallas Clark vs New Orleans Saints
  • Jimmy Graham vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Antonio Gates vs Carolina Panthers
  • Kyle Rudolph vs St. Louis Rams
  • Martellus Bennett vs Atlanta Falcons
  • Heath Miller vs Dallas Cowboys
If you play Antonio Gates I guarantee you will be disappointed.  Play Martellus Bennett and you will be very happy.

Worst Week 15 Matchups