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Worst Matchups for Fantasy Football Playoffs Week 16

If you are playing in Week 16, you are playing for all the marbles, so congratulations to you!  After drafting your team and tweaking it throughout the season via waiver wire and trades, this is it.  There is not much left to do other than play the best lineup you can assemble with the players you currently own.  We want to help you win that championship!

Key Injuries: 
QB: Robert Griffin III
RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, Fred Jackson, Ryan Mathews
WR: Dwayne Bowe, Dez BryantPercy Harvin, Malcom Floyd
TE: Brent Celek


Aside from Brees, Kaepernick, Wilson and Big Ben, these QBs are really struggling as of late and are very risky to start regardless of their matchup. Unless you have one of these four out of this list, I assume you are not still in the running for a fantasy football championship, but if you are, look elsewhere for a better matchup at the QB position.


There are a lot of BIG names on this list. There's an old saying in fantasy football and that is to "stick to what got you there". Clearly you are NEVER sitting Peterson, Rice, or Lynch regardless of the matchup and Forte, Gore, Morris and Richardson are close to that category. This is a good week to just ignore the matchup and just play them because of their name.


Just like the RB list, there are a ton of BIG name players at the WR position who face defenses who give up the least amount of fantasy points.  But once again, it's too late to worry about matchups and you have to play the guys who got you this far.  There are no better WRs to play over Megatron, AJ Green, Brandon Marshall and Vincent Jackson regardless of matchup. Yes they have tough matchups but more times than not a great offense outplays a great defense (look what Brady, Woodhead and Lloyd did to the 49ers defense).


With TEs being so hit or miss this year it's a better idea to go with the guys with a better matchup.  Aside from Gresham and Hernandez on this list, there aren't any guys on here that are a must play each week. Davis should be but he is not being used properly in the 49ers offense. If you own another TE with a better matchup, play them.