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Fantasy Basketball Week 5 Recap

Anderson Varejao (93% owned Yahoo) has been UNBELIEVABLY good this season.  With 8 straight double-doubles, he has increased his season averages to 15 points and 15 boards, oh yeah while adding 3 assists per night too.  Shooting 53% from the floor is slightly better than his career average but 80% from the charity stripe is nearly 20% better than his career!  What has gotten into this man?!  Where was he when LeBron James needed him to win some NBA Championships?!  It's just to bad he that the Cavaliers still have trouble winning games.  Should Cleveland be considering trading Anderson Varejao for a nice package to help continue their rebuilding process?  What teams would be interested in his 2yr/$18 mil contract with a $9m team option? Are the Cavs better off taking back players or draft picks?

Ben Gordon has returned to Fantasy NBA relevance!  Shooting 45% from long distance, Gordo has made 27 of his 60 3pt attempts and has scored 19+ points in 3 of his last 4 games.  He also has not played less than 26 minutes over that span, which he hadn't done in back to back games prior to last week.  The Bobcats are in desperate need of shooters and if Gordon can continue to knock down the jumper, he will continue to get minutes.

Patrick Patterson (55%) was dominate last week with three 20 point games.  He knocked down two 3s and took at least 14 shots in each contest which is good for fantasy owners because it means he is getting opportunities to do this night in and night out.  In his last 10 games, just twice has he attempted less than 10 shots.  Only James Harden has attempted and made more shots for the Rockets.

Tyson Chandler (95%) has been providing fantasy owners and Knicks fans with something they were never expecting, POINTS!  Last week in 4 games, Chandler averaged 18 points per game while shooting 81%!  He also did what owners have been expecting of him by grabbing 41 rebounds over those 4 games.

Larry Sanders (45%) is a guy we have been high on all season long and he proved us right last week.  After nearly a week of just bad basketball, Sanders came through with a triple-double (10 points, 12 rebounds, 10 BLOCKS!) and then followed that up with 18 points and 16 rebounds while adding 5 more blocks.  He has made 12 of his last 18 shots.

Jason Maxiell has been rebounding and playing defense.  In his last 3 game, the Pistons PF has 27 rebounds and 9 blocked shots.  Unfortunately he doesn't score much.

Hornets PG Greivis Vasquez (71%) continues to impress on a bad team missing its two best players in Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon.  He has yet to have less than 5 assists in a game and has scored 20+ points 3 times.  More importantly he has knocked down 36% of his three point attempts.

Scorers to Add
Chandler Parsons - Rockets SF, PF (76%)
Jason Richardson - 76ers SG, SF (72%)
Dion Waiters - Cavaliers SG (71%)
Metta World Peace - Lakers SG, SF (68%)
J.J. Redick - Magic SG (67%)
Gordon Hayward - Jazz SG, SF (65%)
Ramon Sessions - Bobcats PG, SG (60%)
Carl Landry - Warriors SF, PF (60%)
Patrick Patterson - Rockets PF, C (55%)
Vince Carter - Mavericks SG (46%)
Alonzo Gee - Cavaliers SG, SF (35%)
Jeremy Pargo - Cavaliers PG (17%)
Shannon Brown - Suns SG, SF (17%)

Rebounders to Add
J.J. Hickson - Trail Blazers PF, C (70%)
Nikola Pekovic - C Timberwolves (69%)
Byron Mullens - Bobcats PF, C (65%)
Carl Landry - Warriors SF, PF (60%)
Nikola Vucevic - Magic PF, C (55%)
Larry Sanders - Bucks PF, C (46%)
Jason Thompson - Kings PF, C (45%)
Robin Lopez - Hornets C (40%)
Tristan Thompson - Cavaliers PF, C (26%)
Jason Maxiell - Pistons PF (8%)
Tiaggo Splitter - Spurs C (8%)

3pt Shooters to Add
Chandler Parsons - Rockets SF, PF (76%)
Jameer Nelson - Magic PG (73%)
Jason Richardson - 76ers SG, SF (72%)
Dion Waiters - Cavaliers SG (71%)
Metta World Peace - Lakers SG, SF (68%)
J.J. Redick - Magic SG (67%)
Danny Green - Spurs SG, SF (50%)
Vince Carter - Mavericks SG (46%)
Kyle Korver - Hawks SG, SF (42%)
Randy Foye - Jazz PG, SG (37%)
Ben Gordon - Bobcats SG (27%)
Steve Novak - Knicks SF, PF (21%)
Caron Butler - Clippers SF (20%)
Alexey Shved - Timberwolves PG, SG (11%)
Gary Neal - Spurs PG, SG (8%)
Jerry Stackhouse - Nets SG, SF (1%)

Assists to Add
Jameer Nelson - Magic PG (73%)
Dion Waiters - Cavaliers PG, SG (71%)
Jose Calderon - Raptors PG (70%)
Andre Miller - Nuggets PG, SG (41%)
Kirk Hinrich - Bulls PG, SG (32%)
Jarett Jack - Warriors PG, SG (22%)
Jeremy Pargo - Cavaliers PG (17%)