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NBA Plays for 12/3

Monday night has a great football game in store for us and six solid NBA games to pick a fantasy team from. We like tomorrow’s games better, but we feel confident with our team for Monday. We’re back on the work grind, and there’s nothing better then researching for fantasy sports while at work. Here is the lineup we’re working with Monday.

Damian Lillard went for a double double Saturday in two overtimes which would usually shy us away from picking him, but he had a day off. This allows him to get his legs back after all of those minutes and has a great matchup against Charlotte. He has gone for 27 or more fantasy points in nine of his last ten games. His price is very solid at 7k considering the plays around him. We are expecting another 30+ points from him on Monday.

Mo Williams has come back from his injury and is playing well. On Saturday he put up 30 fantasy points and the game before that 23. He is a great play because of his 4.9k price tag and lack of solid cheap options. We have him at the shooting guard position because we’re trying to keep our cheap plays to the guards. Mo isn’t a guy that’ll get you 40 points, but he’s a solid 25-30 point guy.

Nicolas Batum is a do-it-all kind of guy and can shoot the three ball quite well. He has put up over 24 points in his last ten games, and has gone for 37 or more in two of the last three games. He has recorded a block and a steal in each of the last 3 games and is a solid performer when it comes to filling the stat sheet. His matchup against the Bobcats is a good one.

David Lee started off slow Saturday, but he had a great game from the second quarter and on. He ended with just under 40 points, and in the last ten games has put up 32 each time. In seven of his last ten games he has gone for over 40. These are great numbers and we don’t mind paying the 8.5k price tag against a team like Orlando at home.

Anderson Varejao is a monster and faces the bad, but improving Pistons. Drummond and Monroe are good low post players, but Varejao makes his money on rebounds and put back shots and he won’t be stopped by those two. He is stronger physically and has way more experience in the post then those anybody the Pistons try to throw at him.

Kemba Walker has been a great play in his last ten games besides the Thunder game. He has gone for over 30 fantasy points in eight of the last ten games. He’s averaging 14 points and 7 assists in his last two games, and he’s bounced back quite nicely since a poor performance three games ago.

Kyle Singler is our other cheap option and really it was between him and Larry Sanders. Sanders had a monster game last week, but we were unsure of how many minutes he would consistently see. Singler gets a ton of minutes (over 30 in each of his last four games) and has put up 19+ points in his last five games.

Klay Thompson started the season kind of slow, but he has been great as of late. He has a good price going for only 5.7k Monday. In his last three games he has gone for 29 or more points in his last 3 games, and should play well against the Magic. He has taken about 20 shots in each of his last three games and because of that he has put up 20 real points in those three games.

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