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NBA Plays for Christmas Day Part 1

Part 2

Tis the season for giving and this Christmas we’re going to do something we’ve never done before. We’re going to tell you something about each and every guy from max salary all the way to 4k and then throw in some cheap plays we like. This Christmas we have another big tourney at Draftkings and even though first place doesn’t win 100k, the winner will be getting 3k which to us is still a big time prize. Here’s what we think of each player playing on Christmas!

  • Lebron James 11k- Lock for 45 points, but we would spend our money elsewhere.
  • Kevin Durant 10.4k- 55+ in two straight games. Fresh legs. 2nd favorite high priced guy.
  • Kobe Bryant 9.7k- Top play of day regardless of price. 48+ in six straight games.
  • Chris Paul 9.5k- 49 and 61 in last two games. Should be a high scoring game.
  • Dwight Howard 9.4k- Wouldn’t consider at all for this price. Should get plenty of rebounds though.
  • Russell Westbrook 9.2k- 49+ in three straight games. Fresh legs. One of top plays.
  • Blake Griffin 9k- 48+ in two straight games, but not consistent enough for us at this price.
  • Rajon Rondo 8.7k- 37+ in three straight. You can do better for this price.
  • James Harden 8.5k- Over 40 in eight straight. Hottest player for his price range. Fresh legs.
  • Paul Pierce 8.5k- VERY hot over last two games. Averaging 39 in two games vs BKN.
  • Andre Iguodala 8.2k- We always stay away because we never know which Iggy we will get.
  • Dwyane Wade 8.1k- 35+ in three straight, but Bosh should be back in a high scoring game.
  • Deron Williams 8k- His shot is off and Rondo plays good defense. No reason to pick Deron.
  • Carmelo Anthony 7.9k- Consistently underpriced. 42+ in three straight. Can’t fade this price.
  • Joakim Noah 7.7k- Coming off bad game in a tough rebounding matchup. We would fade this play.
  • Kevin Garnett 7.2k- Does anybody really play KG at this price? Averaging 29 on the season.
  • Raymond Felton 7.1k- Too many low 20 point games in last week. Too pricey with Melo back.
  • Ty Lawson 6.8k- His Achilles is bothering him and touch CP3 matchup. Avoid this play.
  • Chris Bosh 6.7k- Tough Ibaka matchup, but he should be back from illness against OKC.
  • Carlos Boozer 6.7k- Tough rebounding matchup and hasn’t played well in last 2 games.
  • Serge Ibaka 6.6k- 35+ in three of last four games. No dominant big man in MIA—good matchup.
  • Tyson Chandler 6.5k- Bad matchup vs Dwight. 30+ in five of six games though.
  • Luol Deng 6.5k- Not consistent, but in great matchup versus terrible HOU defense.
  • Kenneth Faried 6.5k- Never know which Faried we’ll get. Probably bad one versus LAC.
  • Javale McGee 6.5k- Doesn’t get enough minutes to be a relevant in fantasy at this price.
  • Pau Gasol 6.4k- 67 total points in last two games. Good price and worthy of mid range play.
  • Joe Johnson 6.4k- A shooter that is hot. Three 3-pointers in three straight games.
  • Danilo Gallinari 6.2k- 5-21 shooting in last two games. Not a good Gallinari.
  • Gerald Wallace 6.1k- 37 points in last game and not much before that. We’d avoid.
  • Metta World Peace 6.1k- One of our favorite mid range plays. Very productive off the bench.
  • Jeremy Lin 6.1k- We’ll never play Lin at this price.
  • Ben Uzoh 6k- Hasn’t played this season.
  • Brook Lopez 6k- If MWP isn’t our favorite mid range play then Lopez is. Averaging over 30 vs BOS.
  • JR Smith 6k- Very hot lately putting up 40+ in last two games while being off the bench.
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