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2012 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings

End of NFL Regular Season Rankings
Adrian Peterson proved that previous injuries are NEVER a reason to pass up on great talent.  We deeply regret ranking All Day AP 9th this season especially behind a guys like Darren McFadden who can't stay healthy ever!  Three rookie RBs in the top 7? Two Patriots & Lions RBs in the top 25?  What the heck happened this year?!

RB Scoring Setting
  • Receptions - .5 points
  • Yards - 1 point ever 20 yards
  • Receiving Touchdowns - 6 points
  • Return Touchdowns - 6 points
  • 2pt Conversion - 2 points
  • Fumbles Lost - (2) points 

Draft RankWeek 17PlayerFan Pts
91Adrian Peterson (Min - RB)211.70
32Arian Foster (Hou - RB)200.05
203Doug Martin (TB - RB)190.80
14Ray Rice (Bal - RB)171.55
155Marshawn Lynch (Sea - RB)168.80

Draft RankWeek 17PlayerFan Pts
186Trent Richardson (Cle - RB)163.35
447Alfred Morris (Was - RB)162.00
318C.J. Spiller (Buf - RB)148.65
59Frank Gore (SF - RB)144.40
3010Stevan Ridley (NE - RB)136.70
2311Jamaal Charles (KC - RB)134.75
1412Darren Sproles (NO - RB)133.05
413Matt Forte (Chi - RB)127.70
2114Reggie Bush (Mia - RB)125.40
815Michael Turner (Atl - RB)119.90
616Chris Johnson (Ten - RB)119.75
2717Shonn Greene (NYJ - RB)116.20
N/A18Mikel Leshoure (Det - RB)115.60
1119Steven Jackson (StL - RB)113.15
220LeSean McCoy (Phi - RB)111.65
1021Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG - RB)104.50
2922BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Cin - RB)102.90
5323Danny Woodhead (NE - RB)99.35
3024DeAngelo Williams (Car - RB)90.70
#N/A25Joique Bell (Det - RB)84.95

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End of Fantasy Regular Season Rankings
Injuries can really make your preseason rankings look terrible!  Andre Brown wins vulture of the year.  Outside of surprises like Adrian Peterson who barely a year removed for ACL & MCL surgery is leading the league in rushing there were more disappointments than sleepers.  Rookie RBs Doug Martin and Trent Richardson are pushing to be 1st round picks next year! 

Draft RankWeek 14 RankRBFan Pts
31Arian Foster (Hou - RB) 164.95
202Doug Martin (TB - RB) 148.00
93Adrian Peterson (Min - RB) 146.05
14Ray Rice (Bal - RB) 136.55
185Trent Richardson (Cle - RB) 128.30
316C.J. Spiller (Buf - RB) 110.80
307Stevan Ridley (NE - RB) 108.05
58Frank Gore (SF - RB) 106.95
159Marshawn Lynch (Sea - RB) 105.35
2310Jamaal Charles (KC - RB) 97.75
211LeSean McCoy (Phi - RB) 93.25
4412Alfred Morris (Was - RB) 92.40
813Michael Turner (Atl - RB) 91.90
614Chris Johnson (Ten - RB) 90.40
N/A15Mikel Leshoure (Det - RB) 89.05
1016Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG - RB) 86.10
417Matt Forte (Chi - RB) 85.15
2918BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Cin - RB) 83.80
2119Reggie Bush (Mia - RB) 83.75
2720Shonn Greene (NYJ - RB) 80.05
N/A21Andre Brown (NYG - RB) IR 79.55
1422Darren Sproles (NO - RB) 79.10
2223Willis McGahee (Den - RB) IR 78.60
1124Steven Jackson (StL - RB) 73.00
4925Felix Jones (Dal - RB) 69.65

Rashad Jennings appears to be the starter for the Jaguars Week 1 against the Vikings!  He is a SOLID RB2 in all league formats!

Maurice Jones-Drew is looking more and more like he will miss regular season games as the holdout lingers and a potential trade demand has been requested!

Issac Redman is getting an MRI on his groin
Jahvid Best might start season on PUP list!

*Updates to be made all month
Yahoo Running Back Average Draft Positions
ESPN Running Back Average Draft Positions

Last season proved to fantasy owners that even the best running backs need a backup plan.  When owners lost Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles last year they were forced to scramble for a replacment because they weren't prepared.  There were jsut 15 1000 yard rushers last season, and only 6 others rushed for over 900 yards.  Only 9 guys rushed for 10+ TDs and 1 of them QB Cam Newton (BenJarvus Green-Ellis and his 677 rushing yards were also on that list).  Having 3 or 4 good running backs on your roster is crutial to success.  It is important to know your leagues scoring system and what is valued and draft players like Mike Tolbert (8 TDs) if scoring is key, or Darren Sproles (86 receptions) in points per reception leagues.

1.) Ray Rice - Baltimore Ravens
2.) LeSean McCoy - Philadelphia Eagles
3.) Arian Foster - Houston Texans
  • With the emmergance of Ben Tate last season, it safe to say that the backfield in Houston will be shared.  Foster will still receive the majority of the carries and will be a dominate fantasy back.  He should catch another 50+ passes while easily rushing for over 1000 yards for the 3rd straight season.
4.) Matt Forte - Chicago Bears
5.) Frank Gore - San Francisco 49ers

6.) Chris Johnson - Tennessee Titans
7.) Darren McFadden - Oakland Raiders
8.) Michael Turner - Atlanta Falcons
  • Turner drops on the list because of the potential 3-back committee in Atlanta, plus the passing game should become a focal point of this offense and rightfully so.  However, in non-PPR leagues, Turner could be selected a bit higher as he will rush for over 1000 yards for a third consecutive year.
9.) Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings
  • Coming back from a Torn ACL/MCL could take some time.  Even if AP is ready for opening day, it doesn't mean he will get his usual 20+ carries a game.
10.) Ahmad Bradshaw - New York Giants
  • For Bradshaw's carrer, when he gets 20+ carries, he averages 4.38 yards per carry and 1.16 TDs per game.  He has only had 6 games in his career of 20+ carries so one of two things will happen this year:
  1. Bradshaw gets 320 carries (20/gm for 16 games) and rushes for 1401 yards scoring 18 TDs.
  2. Bradshaw proves he can not handle the full workload of an everydown back and gets injured, leaving the Giants with a unkown backfield and Eli Manning passes the ball 40 times per game.
11.) Steven Jackson - St. Louis Rams
12.) DeMarco Murray - Dallas Cowboys
13.) Maurice Jones-Drew - Jacksonville Jaguars
  • If MJD was not holding out, I would put him top 5 but if Vincent Jackson was willing to hold out last season I don't see why MJD would be any different.  Keep an eye on his contract situation when your draft night comes around.  You don't want to waste an early round pick on a guy who isn't going to play for weeks!
14.) Darren Sproles - New Orleans Saints
15.) Marshawn Lynch - Seattle Seahawks
16.) Cedric Benson - Green Bay Packers
  • If Ryan Grant can rush for 1000 yards on this team, there is no reason why Cedric Benson can't.  Teams can't even game plan for the run the way the Cheeseheads toss the pigskin around.  Solid RB2 back in all league formats.
17.) Ryan Matthews - San Diego Chargers
  • Broken Clavicle out 4-6 weeks.  Still looking like a big season for Matthews, just worried he could miss the first 2 or 3 games of the regular season.
18.) Trent Richardson - Cleveland Browns
  • Seems like just a minor injury, but you never know how teams treat their 1st round rookies for long term results.
19.) Fred Jackson - Bufallo Bills
20.) Doug Martin - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • The first round draft choice should benefit greatly from new Head Coach Greg Schiano's run heavy offensive attack.  With Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams taking some focus off the run game, Martin should produce nice fantasy numbers durnig his rookie campaign.  That being said there is the possibility that LeGarrette Blount steals some goalline carries and easy TDs.
21.) Reggie Bush - Miami Dolphins
  • With Brandon Marshall gone, Reggie Bush has become the best WR on the Dolphins.  I would fully expect Bush to have a large role in the new scheme considering how many question marks are surrounding the QB situation and the WR core
22.) Willis McGahee - Denver Broncos
23.) Jamaal Charles - Kansas City Chiefs
24.) Mark Ingram - New Orleans Saints
25.) Jonathan Stewart - Carolina Panthers
26.) Beanie Wells - Arizona Cardinals
27.) Shonn Greene - New York Jets
28.) Isaac Redman - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Getting an MRI on his groin.  Be sure to keep an eye on this!
29.) BenJarvus Green-Ellis - Cincinatti Bengals
30.) DeAngelo Williams - Carolina Panthers
31.) C.J. Spiller - Bufallo Bills
32.) Ben Tate - Houston Texans
33.) Pierre Thomas - New Orleans Saints
34.) Peyton Hillis - Kansas City Chiefs
35.) Michael Bush - Chicago Bears
36.) Jahvid Best - Detroit Lions
  • Could start the season on the PUP list making him ineligible for the first 6 weeks!  Be VERY careful when drafting him!
37.) Donald Brown - Indianapolis Colts
38.) Mike Goodson - Oakland Raiders
39.) Daniel Thomas - Miami Dolphins
40.) Rashad Jennings - Jacksonville Jaguars
41.) Toby Gerhart - Minnesota Vikings
42.) Stevan Ridley - New England Patriots
43.) Ryan Williams - Arizona Cardinals
44.) Alfred Morris- Washington Redskins
45.) Ronnie Brown - San Diego Chargers
46.) LeGarrette Blount - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
47.) Jason Snelling - Atlanta Falcons
48.) David Wilson - New York Giants
49.) Felix Jones - Dallas Cowboys
50.) Roy Helu - Washington Redskins
51.) Kevin Smith - Detroit Lions
52.) Jonathan Dwyer - Pittsburgh Steelers
53.) Danny Woodhead - New England Patriots
54.) Joe McKnight - New York Jets

Running Back by Committee
Arizona Cardinals - Ryan Williams is returning and will finally play in the NFL meaning Beanie Wells is going to have to play nice and share the football. Wells rushed for over 1000 yards last season though so he should still see the majority of the carries.

Buffalo Bills - Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller both caught 39 passes last season so their playing time will not depend on situations.  Expect a near 50/50 split of downs played so be careful when drafting either player and make sure that you already have a RB that dominates the ball.

Carolina Panthers - Based on last years stats, it appears that Jonathan Stewart will have more value in PPR leagues than DeAngelo Williams.  A near 50/50 split in carries but Stewart caught 31 more passes than Williams.

Chicago Bears - With Forte coming off an injury, and the signing of Michael Bush, it would be wise for the Bears to give Forte plenty of downs off.  Forte is still a fantasy force, but Bush has proven to be an exceptional back up who knows how to find the endzone.  Even if the Bears do not use Bush early on, it might be a good idea for Forte owners to stash Bush JUST IN CASE Forte re injures his MCL.

Dallas Cowboys - If DeMarco Murray had not injured his ankle last season, the Cowboys would not be on this list.  But Murray will have to take it easy early on in the season before getting 25+ carries in a game.  If Felix Jones produces, the 'Boys might stick with the 2 back set the rest of the way.

Kansas City Chiefs - It will be interesting to see how the Chiefs bring back Jamaal Charles and add Peyton Hillis.  Based on how they used Jamaal Charles alongside Thomas Jones in 2010, we could see a 50/50 split in carries here but only because Charles is returning from ACL surgery.  If everyone stays healthy, Dexter McCluster will line up as a WR and not as a RB.

Miami Dolphins - A 60/40 - 70/30 split between Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas is highly likely.  However, we could see Bush line up as the slot receiver quite often, increasing his value in PPR leagues.

Minnesota Vikings - Very similar situation here as in Kansas City.  However, once Adrian Peterson shows he is 100%, Toby Gerhart will lose nearly all his playing time.  Gerhart will have SOME value in deeper leagues in the early weeks.

New Orleans Saints - A three headed MONSTER in the backfield, New Orleans might be a pass heavy team, but all 3 back produce fantasy points.  Nearly all of Darren Sproles value in is PPR leagues.  He did average 6.7 yards/carry but only rushed the ball 87 times.  Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas should split the carries 60/40 in favor of Ingram, but Thomas will also catch 40+ passes increasing his PPR value.

Washington Redskins - I would stay away from all 4 of the Redskins RBs early on in the season.  With a rookie QB under center, teams will force him to throw the ball.  With RGIIIs ability to move in the pocket, he might be less inclined to dump it off to a RB and take it himself.  With 4 RBs and head coach that can't commit, each back might be great one week and get off the next.  As per our rankings, Evan Royster and rookie Alfred Smith seem like the early season favorites.