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5 Top NBA Plays for 1/7/13

Monday should be all about the BCS National Championship game, but for you degenerates out there we’re still here for you. The player pool and pricing is tough, so we probably won’t see us playing heavy money. There are players we do like and because of that we’re going to tell your our top five players (not necessarily the highest priced guy).

Paul Pierce BOS - Pierce has found himself to be red hot shooting as of late which is the number one reason why we like him Monday. He has made 15 three pointers in his last six games, and is coming off a 47 point performance. Rondo is back and looks to be full strength, so Pierce should be prime for targeting. He has gone for 32+ in three straight games, and he finds himself in MSG a place where the big players stand up tallest.

Carlos Boozer CHI - Boozer has been big time the last three games putting up 44 points in each of them. He finds himself with a nice matchup against the Cavs Monday. With Varejao out, it’s one less guy that can grab rebounds. Mix in the fact that Noah hasn’t been that impressive and we like him even more.

Wesley Matthews POR - Matthews has seen his minutes back to normal, and he is stroking it from outside. He has made 10 three pointers in his last two games, putting up 32+ fantasy points in each of them. He hasn’t done much of anything else in those games (6 rebounds and 2 assists, but 3 steals), but his shooting should carry him to a very nice performance again for his $4,800 price.

Jameer Nelson ORL - Nelson has gone for 49 points in three of his last four games. This is mighty impressive, and his price is still at the low 7k price on Draftkings. He is seeing big minutes (40 each in last two games), and making tons of three pointers (23 in his last five games). His matchup is nothing special, but with how he is playing lately and his price you have to make this play.

Rajon Rondo BOS - Rondo just came off an amazing 50 fantasy point night putting up a triple double and now faces the Knicks at MSG. Nelson just came off a 49 fantasy point night against this same defense, so there’s no reason to think that Rondo can’t put up some points as well. Rondo isn’t a shooter, but he should be able to drive the lane easily and pass it to open shooters like Pierce or Terry. Rondo was suspended for one game for bumping the ref.

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