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Daily Joust Wild Card Weekend Freerolls

We Talk Fantasy Sports has partnered with Daily Joust this weekend to offer a fun way to engage the NFL Wildcard Weekend.

There are 2 freerolls: One for Saturday's games and one for Sunday's action.

The system gives you $1,000,000 to spend on your roster. This is what makes it difficult. You have to spread this money out strategically attempting to put together the roster that accumulates the most points (points are driven by touchdowns, yards, etc.).

It’s free to enter, just click here to join. Or if you already have an account at Daily Joust, use this link for Saturdays Contest page and Sundays Contest page.

So I had a look at Saturday's freeroll and I am posting my results as a first timer with this system. It's pretty straight forward, you have your cap and each player is valued differently obviously with the main starts listed high so you will have to do some moving around to get an ideal roster put together. Let's take a look at what I drafted:

QB: Andy Dalton Salary: 146,000

RB: Arian Foster Salary: 202,000

RB: Adrian Peterson Salary: 220,000

WR: Jordy Nelson Salary: 101,000

WR: Kevin Walter Salary: 58,000

WR: Andrew Hawkins Salary: 46,000

TE: Kyle Rudolph Salary: 57,000

K: Mike Nugent Salary: 79,000

DEF: Houston Texans Salary: 78,000

You can clearly see where the majority of my money went too with which players. I opted to stay away from Rodgers and decided to go with the two top running backs this week in hopes my prediction that Dalton will still put up big numbers. The receiving core is not as strong as my RB's but I think anyone on Green Bay is a great choice with the way the ball is spread around and Walter and Hawkins are great options given the small price I paid for them. Rudolph at TE is another risk but in order to make sure I had enough for my defense and having to go with the K from Cincinnati it was a worth the risk. The dividends can pay off huge with these choices but of course there are many other options to go for. The Texans defense is a great choice at this price too, I'm hoping something pays off with this choice!

Next I moved onto Sunday's freeroll tournament. I feel more confident with my picks for Sunday as these are where some of my hidden gems are.

QB: Andrew Luck Salary: 157,000

RB: Ray Rice Salary: 185,000

RB: Marshawn Lynch Salary: 175,000

WR: Reggie Wayne Salary: 112,000

WR: Golden Tate Salary: 99,000

WR: Donnie Avery Salary: 50,000

TE: Coby Fleener Salary: 36,000

K: Adam Vinatieri Salary: 78,000

DEF: Seattle Seahawks Salary: 108,000

My only big conerns here are Tate and Lynch because I know this is going to be one crazy game. But based on my spending habits I had to draft Luck, Rice and the Seahawks defense which left me little room to spread the money around. Reggie Wayne is a lock and I managed to get Avery cheap. Fleener is a huge gamble but like I said before the TE's this week are just hit or miss and with a pool like this you can't just have whomever you want. I am more than confident that any starting TE this week will generate roughly the same points, it'll be random if one stands out. But I'm confident I put together a pretty solid team with the money available for Sunday.

Overall for my first time doing this, I had a lot of fun. It looks like there is a lot of entries for this weekend so the competition should be fierce!

Take five minutes and fill out your roster and enjoy some great football this weekend. If you think your roster will dominate, add it to the comments below to show off a bit. We will give twitter shoutouts to all leave their twitter handle in the comment section. Good luck!