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How to win ESPN Gridiron Conference Championship / Super Bowl Weekend

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Last week was a much better week I must say, and I stand behind all my choices. This weekend brings into play though two weekends combined so we must be careful. It all comes down to picking whomever is going to the Superbowl and who will put up the biggest numbers in two weekends combined. I didn't end up starting Colin Kaepernick last week and that made the biggest difference with many teams I believe as it was a huge fantasy performance. And I was pretty happy with the performance of Frank Gore and Arian Foster. This week also I won't be selecting a third option as after this week you won't be able to change your selections, so we will see how my overall picks fare. Let's take a look then:

Quarterback Position:

Tom Brady (NWE) MKT: 6.9

No gamble I think this week. Brady and company are ready for another Super Bowl run and it all comes down to picking who will generate the most points right? They have a tough task against Baltimore this week but I don't think the Ravens will put up enough points to keep up with the Patriots. Brady will be in the finals so it's only smart to pick him.

Colin Kaepernick (SFO) MKT: 6.0

He absolutely tore it up last week and  am kicking myself for not starting him even after listing him as a option. The 49ers will be Super Bowl bound so again this comes down to picking someone who will generate the most fantasy points for you. And with the performance last week, would you really not choose him?

Running Back Position:

Frank Gore (SFO) MKT: 5.6

Another logical choice in this situation as Gore is a fantasy producer. He'll have his biggest games against the Falcon's and the Patriots in the finals so I definitely would want him on my roster. He'll have plenty of work ahead of him being a key piece of the 49ers offense.

Shane Vereen (NWE) MKT: 4.6

You may be wondering why I am going with Vereen over Ridley? Simple enough to be honest, Ridley has just being inconsistent. Baltimore is a tough defense and the same with the 49ers. The Patriots are finding unique and new ways to use Vereen and he picks up easy touchdowns in games you wouldn't expect him too. Definitely underrated right now and he's worth a look if your like me and tired of Ridley and his lackluster performances.

Wide Receiver Position:

Michael Crabtree (SFO) MKT: 5.2

I've picked this guy up the last couple years in my regular season fantasy pools and this year he didn't disappoint. I am thrilled on how well he has played and even more thrilled on how Crabtree and Kaepernick have clicked up until this past weekend. I think that will continue and you will reap the rewards if you continue to go with him.

Wes Welker (NWE) MKT: 5.4

I wasn't thrilled with his performance (touchdown wise) last week, but with Brady at the helm and the conference on the line as well as a trip to the Super Bowl, I don't think you can go wrong with picking him this weekend. He will put up solid numbers and will get you the points you need over these two weekends.

Tight End Position:

Aaron Hernandez (NWE) MKT: 5.1

With who's available and given the circumstances I think he is a very logical choice. He will have his biggest weekend against Baltimore and will put up decent numbers in the Super Bowl. It's a tough position to pick for as you have to look forward in time and predict who will be in the finals but I'm confident in my choices.

Kicker Position:

Stephen Gostkowski (NWE) MKT: 4.1

With the amount of points the Patriots offense puts up I don't think you'd be wrong in picking this guy. It's a safe and logical choice and with the odd field goal opportunity he'll put up some decent numbers the next two outings.

Team Defense Position:

New England Patriots MKT: 4.7

If you would of asked me back at the start of the season if the Patriots would of made it this far, I would of said no. I won't give you the outcome for the game but my prediction is the Patriots and 49ers in the Super Bowl so this is only logical to pick these players as your team gets locked after this weekend is over. I think the Patriots defense will have two big weekends and will put up the most points overall.

This was my first time in the ESPN Gridiron pool and I very much enjoyed it. With the teams getting locked this weekend I am putting it out there with who I (think) will win but I still never would of expected it. Good luck to everyone and I hope you put up solid fantasy numbers!