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ESPN Super Pick 'Em

ESPN's Super Pick'em challenges you to predict the outcome of twenty (20) prop matchups from the big game on Sunday, Feb. 3. Score the most points and you could win a great prize. Free to play, sign up now!

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Group: We Talk Super Pick 'Em
Group Password: wetalk

You'll answer 20 questions, predicting what will happen in the big game in New Orleans. In addition to forecasting the eventual Super Bowl champion, you'll also be making picks on a variety of prop bets throughout the game, such as points scored in a quarter, the length of the longest scoring play and individual player performances.  For each of the 20 questions, you pick one of two options. But there's a twist: On some of the questions, one of the options is worth more points than the other. Play it safe, and you'll get some points, but if you get an "underdog" pick correct, you get extra points for your entry. It's not just about getting the most questions right. Instead, the player who racks up the most points through correct answers over the course of the game will win the prize.

Example of Prop Bets (Some are even worth 7 or 8 points!)
Which team will win the game? 
  • Baltimore Ravens 6 pts
  • San Francisco 49ers 4 pts 
What will be the length of the National anthem sung by Alicia Keys? 
  • 113 Seconds or Fewer 4 pts  
  • 114 Seconds or More 6 pts 

What will be the result of the coin toss? 
  • Heads 5 pts  
  • Tails 5 pts