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Fantasy Baseball First Basemen Rankings

First base is slowly starting to become a dominate position in fantasy baseball again.  Last year 6 of the top 50 players were first basemen and 4 in the top 25.  With names like Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder and Joey Votto it is hard to not want to use a 1st or 2nd round pick on the position.  However, if you miss out on these 3 and even Edwin Encarnacion, do not worry about waiting a while to snatch up guys like Adam Dunn, Billy Butler or even Mark Teixeria who is slowly dropping down draft boards year after year.

Be sure to listen to the Fantasy Baseball Podcast from Dear Mr. FantasyThere is a special treat around the 11:50 mark!

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* - New Team
** - Sleeper
  • Mark Teixeira says his wrist injury might keep him out longer than expected! Jose Bautista had a similar injury last season and ended up needing season ending surgery!  Keep your eyes and ears open!
  • More bad news for the Milwaukee Brewers. Mat Gamel injured his surgically repaired knee and will miss the entire season.  MLBDepthCharts thinks prospect Hunter Morris will get the gig.  
    • Corey Hart will miss the first 3 to 4 months of the season after knee surgery.  Mat Gamel will fill in.

1.) Albert Pujols - Los Angeles Angels
  • Mike Trout had the most impressive season for a 20 year old. Ever. But Pujols's 21 year old season may have been equally impressive. Pujols had 48 less SBs, but 47 more RBIs. Trout had 17 more Rs, but Pujols had 7 more HRs. Fantasy players in 2013 may not care about Pujols's 2001 season, but they should care about Trout's season. Pujols had a dismal April, but his play seemed to improve once Trout was promoted. And the addition of Josh Hamilton adds additional protection behind him. Pujols, in his "worst" season, still managed 30 HR and seems to still have enough speed to successfully steal 7-8 times. We need to remember, Albert is a machine.  ( MDC ADP- 7 - @Schuch10
2.) Prince Fielder - Detroit Tigers
3.) Joey Votto - Cincinatti Reds
4.) Edwin Encarnacion - Toronto Blue Jays
  • Encarnacion's coming off a breakout season with career highs nearly across the board. Can he keep it up in 2013? That's the question on every fantasy manager's mind. My answer: a resounding YES. Encarnacion might be the player with the most benefit over the offseason, with the Blue Jays unprecedented roster additions. Encarnacion figures to hit cleanup in a lineup that 1-5 will look like this: Reyes, Cabrera, Bautista, Encarnacion, Lawrie. In short, Encarnacion has the best opportunity in baseball to produce, with two proven hitters with speed hitting 1-2, the God of Canada hitting third, and the young phenom Brett Lawrie (who enters his 2nd full MLB season with expected improvement) hitting fifth. Encarnacion's numbers will look a lot like 2012; he's a top first baseman this season. For more on Encarnacion in 2013, check a full breakdown here. - @Jewish_Jeff
5.) Adrian Gonzalez - Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Gonzalez might be set up for a MONSTER season in 2013. Gonzalez will be hitting 4th in an absolute stacked Dodgers lineup. Not only will he have Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp hitting in the 2 and 3 hole right in front of him but he will have  Hanley Ramirez and Andre Ethier right behind him. If Crawford and Kemp can stay healthy, they'll be on base quite often and Gonzalez will have a ton of RBI chances, and pitchers will have to pitch to him because of the support in the lineup behind him so he will see plenty of good pitches. Gonzalez will hit .300, hit 25 home runs, drive in 110 runs and score 105 runs. - @Mike_WeTalkFS

6.) Allen Craig - St. Louis Cardinals
7.) Billy Butler - Kansas City Royals
Yes, he DHs most of the time but he will not lose his 1B eligibility. So draft him with confidence in RD 3 of mixed leagues and do not be afraid to select him in 1st RD of AL only leagues.  Feel free to put a $28-$32 tag on him in auctions. Final stats 32HR 110 RBI 91R .306BA - @BrettBarton_FBV
8.) Adam Dunn - Chicago White Sox

9.) Freddie Freeman - Atlanta Braves
  • First base is rightfully viewed as the power-category position, but what about the Runs category? Freeman led all first basemen with 91 runs last year. Obviously this does not make him your top pick at 1B, but as you get into the middle tier, his power numbers (23 HR, 94 RBI) are on par with the others nearby—and he scores more runs than all of them. By comparison, Paul Konerko had 26 HR and 75 RBI – but only 66 runs. Take Freeman and gain the edge in an unexpected category. - @RDevinHughes
10.) Adam LaRoche - Washington Nationals

11.) Eric Hosmer - Kansas City Royals
12.) Justin Morneau - Minnesota Twins
13.) Ike Davis - New York Mets
  • To kick off 2012, Ike Davis hit .185 in April and .154 in May but he still finished the year with 32 HRs and 90 RBIs on a pretty bad Mets team. With 58 extra base hits last year, it's very clear he has a great deal of power and if he can get his .227 average up to about .265 where he should be then Davis is due for a break out year with 30-35 home runs and close to 110 RBIs. - @Mike_WeTalkFS
14.) David Ortiz - Boston Red Sox
15.) Mark Teixeira - New York Yankees
16.) Paul Konerko - Chicago Whtie Sox
17.) Paul Goldschmidt - Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Goldschmidt really flies under the radar, but his .850 OPS was 6th among first basemen last year. Also, if you’re looking for a sneaky boost in stolen bases, Goldschmidt’s 18 steals led the 1B position. Not a ton by any means, but if you’re feeling weak in the category or building a speed team, Goldschmidt can produce there where most 1B cannot (only three first basemen had double-digit steals last year). If you use your top picks on the more scarce positions such as middle infield, Goldschmidt is a guy who will provide all-around production from a mid-round pick. - @RDevinHughes
18.) Ryan Howard - Philadelphia Phillies
19.) Mike Napoli *- Boston Red Sox
20.) Kendrys Morales *- Seattle Mariners
  • This may seem eerily similar to projections of 2012; but this year will be different--for the better--for Kendrys Morales. Morales comes to Seattle with a new start, in a city that's ready to embrace his talents as Anaheim did in 2009. Morales will prove to be a great later round first baseman, that I certainly value over a higher drafted Mark Teixeira, Adam Dunn, Eric Hosmer or Freddie Freeman. He's projected to hit third for the M's, and brings high potential for 30+ home runs--a feat that has only been eclipsed once in the last four seasons by a Mariner; 2009, Russell Branyan, 31--to go along with his expected .290-.300 batting average. Hitting third (or possibly fourth later in the season, depending on Kyle Seager's production), Morales will be right in the middle of a deceptively solid Mariners' lineup. He'll get plenty of time at DH which will keep him fresher than most. As I stated above, if 1B slips away from you in the draft and you're looking at the likes of Hosmer, Freeman, Ryan Howard, etc, wait on Morales and laugh all the way to the bank. I'm expecting 28-33 HRs, 115 RBIs and .295 if healthy. The major key for Morales will be keeping healthy, which has proved difficult the last few years (which is why he's not higher on the list). - @Jewish_Jeff
21.) Anthony Rizzo **- Chicago Cubs
  • There’s a good amount of hype around Rizzo as a sleeper pick this year, and while I understand it, I personally will be avoiding him. First base is very deep this year, and Rizzo has the red flags of potential sophomore slump, and the fact that he hit .208 against lefties. If you’re in a dynasty league, he’s a great grab, but I think we need to wait another year before making him a target in redraft leagues. The hype has pushed up his average draft position; let your opponent draft Rizzo while you take a more established player. - @RDevinHughes
22.) Chris Davis - Baltimore Orioles
23.) Justin Smoak - Seattle Mariners
24.) Mark Reynolds *- Cleveland Indians
25.) Lance Berkman *- Texas Rangers
26.) Yonder Alonso - San Diego Padres
27.) Garrett Jones - Pittsburgh Pirates
28.) Brandon Belt - San Francisco Giants
29.) Logan Morrison - Miami Marlins
30.) Carlos Pena *- Houston Astros
31.) Brandon Moss - Oakland Athletics
32.) Todd Helton - Colorado Rockies
33.) Mauro Gomez - Boston Red Sox
34.) Mitch Moreland - Texas Rangers
35.) James Loney *- Tamp Bay Rays
36.) Brett Wallace - Houston Astros
37.) Chris Carter - Houston Astros
38.) Hunter Morris - Milwaukee Brewers

Don't forget these guys!
Travis Hafner - Playing DH for the New York Yankees could result in 20+ homers in limited ABs
Nate Freiman - Houston Astros added him via the Rule 5 draft

Stats from last season:

  • 11 first basemen hit 25+ home runs
  • 11 first basement hit 30+ doubles
  • 6 first basemen drove in 100 runs
    • 4 others had 90+ RBI
      • 5 had 80-89 RBI
  • 14 first basemen scored at least 70 runs
    • Edwin Encarnacion (93), Corey Hart (91) and Freddie Freeman (91) were the only guys with at least 90
      • 4 others scored between 80-90 runs
  • 20 first basemen struck out over 100 times
    • 4 others had 90+ strike outs
Of first basemen with 300+ ABs:
  • Just 5 had batting averages over .300
    • 9 others hit at least .275 including Greg Dobbs (319 ABs)!
  • 9 first basemen had OBP better than .350
  • 11 first basemen had .500 or better SLG
    • Just 3 others were .475 and up
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