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Grizzlies Trade Marreese Speights to Cavaliers

The Memphis Grizzlies have agreed to trade Marreese Speights to the Cleveland Cavaliers, along with Josh Selby AND Wayne Ellington, in return for Jon Leuer.  Yikes.  Seems like a HUGE package for Jon Leuer who didn't even see the court in Cleveland.  This is a great trade for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they fill in the void left by Anderson Varejao being out for the rest of the season while adding guards to their rotation.  Speights is going to see time in Cleveland, no doubt, so his fantasy value jumps just a tick.  This is NOT good for Tristan Thompson and Tyler Zeller however.  Both guys should remain the starters but will definitely see their minutes cut.  Wayne Ellington should also cut into Dion Waiters minutes.

Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Reactions

Memphis Grizzlies Fan Recations

Reducing payroll both short- and long-term has been a goal of the new Grizzlies ownership and led to other trade talks involving Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph over the past several weeks.    - Brian Windhorst ESPN
The Cavaliers are likely going to give Ellington just about all of Shaun Livingston's minutes and move Waiters to the PG position if they are the two on the court as Waiters did play PG for Syracuse.  Also, Cavs fans will no longer suffer through 18 minutes of Luke Walton any more.

As for the Grizzlies, Darrell Arthur should see closer to 24 minutes per game while Jerryd Bayless should get a slight boost in minutes unless the Grizzlies decide to finally use rookie Tony Wroten JR.  The Girzzlies will look to sign Delonte West, and Bill Walker to fill replace the extras sent to Cleveland.  Delonte West might steal some minutes while the coaching staff tries to figure out what works, but I don't expect Bill Walker to see much action.