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NFL Draft - Needs and Options

The NFL regular season is over, and the draft order is set barring any trades.  As we start to get a clearer picture for the 2013 NFL Draft, we have put together a draft, listing the following for each team:
  • Draft Need
  • Best Option
  • Second Best
Please debate us if we have insulted your team or if you feel like teams need to go a different route in the comment section. 

This post will be updated every other week

Kansas City Chiefs
  • Geno Smith
New rumors that Andy Reid is going to be the Head Coach even further solidify this draft pick.  There is no way he would want to take over that team with Matt Cassel as his QB.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Best Player Available
  • Jarvis Jones
Gus Bradley, the ex-Seahawks defensive coordinator, is now the Jags head coach.  Big things are coming on the defensive side of the ball in Jacksonville.  They just better hope that the Chiefs dont draft Jarvis Jones!

Oakland Raiders
Run Stopper
  • Star Lotulelei
    • Luke Joeckel
The Raiders need help on both the offensive and defensive lines.

Philadelphia Eagles
Offensive Line
  • Luke Joeckel
With Chip Kelly officially the new head coach of the Eagles, you have to assume that they will be focusing on getting players to fit his offense.  The O-Line was decimated by injuries this year, and if they want Nick Foles to ever have a chance in Philly, they better protect him. 

Detroit Lions
Defensive Leadership
  • Bjoeern Werner
    • Manti Te'o
This pick USED to be Manti Te'o, but with all of the headlines surrounding him and his "girlfriend", who knows what NFL teams think of him now.  The Lions do not need help on offense, they need to stop the other team from scoring 30+ points on them every week!  Love adding him to Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley.

Cleveland Browns
Defensive Leadership
  • Damontre Moore
    • Dee Milliner
Rod Chudzinski is taking over as head coach and is a offensive coach.  However, the offense was last years focus, this year they need to start building a lasting defense.

Arizona Cardinals
Offensive Line
  • Chance Warmack
Still no head coach yet, but the offense can't move the football when there is no protection upfront.

Buffalo Bills
Offensive Weapons
  • Keenan Allen
    • Terrance Williams
Doug Marrone is the Bills new head coach so this pick MIGHT go they way of some QB reach but I doubt it.  The offense is only scary when CJ Spiller touches the football.  They need to improve that receiving corp.  There is no QB worth drafting this high in the draft so unless they trade down you shouldn't expect one.

New York Jets
  • Manti Te'o
The Jets LOVE being in the headlines and adding Te'o to the on going Circus would be a media goldmine.  This is Rex Ryan's last shot in New York.  If he doesn't help the Jets secondary by being able to stop the run, Rex' Jets will belong to a new head coach in 2014.

Tennessee Titans
Best Defensive Player Available
  • Dee Milliner
Its a passing league now and I wouldn't be surprised if Milliner is gone by this point, but the Titans would LOVE to have him and they need him desperately.

San Diego Chargers
Offensive Line
  • Jonathan Cooper
Mike McCoy is the new head coach and he knows a thing or two about protecting his QB from his days in Denver.  Rivers is a turnover machine when under pressure.  If the Chargers want to win the AFC West with him as the QB, they need to give him time in the pocket.

Miami Dolphins
Wide Receiver
  • Terrance Williams
The Dolphins receivers consists of Brian Hartline, Davone Bess and scraps.  Williams gives Tannehill a bigger target and a deep threat.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Xavier Rhodes
One of the leagues worst pass defenses

Carolina Panthers
Best Player Available
  • Barkevious Mingo
The Panthers are a hard team to understand when you don't watch them on a weekly basis.

New Orleans Saints
Best Defensive Player Available
  • Johnathan Hankins
Obviously the offensive is not the problem down in New Orleans

St. Louis Rams
Offensive Line
  •  Eric Fisher
The Rams added a guy that the New York Jets didnt even want playing offensive line this year.  Its time to improve Sam Bradfords bodyguards.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Offensive Line
  • Barrett Jones
When you have as many running backs struggle to run the football as the Steelers did, you know there is an issue with your blocking.  Also, Big Ben can not longer be expected to play Houdini avoiding sacks for much longer if they want him to last an entire season.

Dallas Cowboys
Defensive Line
  • Dion Jordan
    • Eric Fisher
If the Cowboys go offensive line here it wouldn't surprise me.

New York Giants
  • Kenny Vaccaro
    • Matt Elam
The Giants have little depth at Safety due to injuries and lack of talent behind Rolle and Phillps.  Vaccaro could be the answer to the future of that position

Chicago Bears
Offensive Line
  • Lane Johnson 
Mar Trestman of the CFL is the Bears new head coach so who knows what scheme the new Bears will run, but you have to imagine it will revolve around Jay Cutler passing to Brandon Marshall a ton!  That means Cutler has to stay on his feet and stay healthy.

St. Louis Rams via Washington Redskins
Best Player Available
  • Sheldon Richardson
Two first round picks is a luxury, and the Rams should feel comfortable reaching for a player of need or just selected the guy ranked highest on their board.

Minnesota Vikings
Wide Receiver
  • Cordarrelle Patterson
Where would the Vikings be without Adrian Peterson, Los Angeles?

Cincinnati Bengals
Best Player Available
  • Sam Montgomery
The offense needs a speed back but none are available this high in the draft.  So take a player who can make an impact immediately next season and look for a running back in the other rounds.

Indianapolis Colts
  • Eric Reid
    • Matt Elam
Until the Colts start stopping their opponents.

Baltimore Ravens
  • Alec Ogletree
Ray Lewis is retiring and the Ravens needs to replenish that Linebacker depth chart that used to dominate the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks
Best Player Available
  • Alex Okafor
The Seahawks have a plan that has been working so I would have great faith in management if I were a fan.

San Francisco 49ers
Best Player Available
  • Ezekiel Ansah
Much like their division rivals, the 49ers have a great plan in place and they do one heck of a job drafting.

Green Bay Packers
Best Defensive Player Available
  • Johnathan Jenkins
    • Jesse Williams
Imagine if the Packers played any type of defense?  Its amazing to me that with names like BJ Raji and Clay Matthews that they struggles as much as they do.

New England Patriots
Wide Receiver
  • Tavon Austin
No team could figure out how to better utilize a 5'9 receiver the way the Patriots can.  I doubt they will spend the money on Welker to keep him in New England.

Denver Broncos
Best Player Available
  • Oday Aboushi
Peyton Manning will tell them who he wants and the Bronco's FO will draft him.

Houston Texans
Wide Receiver
  • Robert Woods
Andre Johnson has been doing it by himself for way to long.  If the Texans ever give him a reliable wingman, the skies the limit for the Texans offense.

Atlanta Falcons
Tight End
  • Tyler Eifert
Tony Gonzalez will most likely retire after this year and the Falcons offense desperately needs a pass catching TE.

1/3 Mock Draft

1Kansas City ChiefsGeno Smith
2Jacksonville JaguarsJarvis Jones
3Oakland RaidersStar Lotulelei
4Philadelphia EaglesLuke Joeckel
5Detroit LionsManti Te'o
6Cleveland BrownsBjoern Werner
7Arizona CardinalsJake Matthews
8Buffalo BillsKeenan Allen
9New York JetsDamontre Moore
10Tennessee TitansDee Milliner
11San Diego ChargersChance Warmack
12Miami DolphinsCordarrelle Patterson
13Tampa Bay BuccaneersXavier Rhodes
14Carolina PanthersBarkevious Mingo
15New Orleans SaintsJohnathan Hankins
16St. Louis RamsTaylor Lewan
17Pittsburgh SteelersJonathan Cooper
18Dallas CowboysDion Jordan
19New York GiantsMatt Elam
20Chicago Bears Eric Fisher
21Stl. Louis Rams via Washington RedskinsSheldon Richardson
22Minnesota VikingsTerrance Williams
23Cincinnati BengalsSam Montgomery
24Indianapolis ColtsEric Reid
25Baltimore RavensAlec Ogletree
26Seattle SeahawksAlex Okafor
27San Francisco 49ersEzekiel Ansah
28Green Bay PackersJohnathan Jenkins
29New England PatriotsTavon Austin
30Denver BroncosBarrett Jones
31Houston TexansRobert Woods
32Atlanta FalconsTyler Eifert