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A Look at Wednesday's NBA Action

We have a sexy day of fantasy NBA tonight with ten games to tickle our pleasure. The value isn’t out there like usual, but with so many games going it’ll be easy to find enough guys to love tonight (that sounds kind of wrong, but we’ll move on).

You Down with DMC? Yea You Know Me
DeMarcus Cousins has been hot damn ballin like a big shot in the past 10 games. On Draftkings his price dropped back down to $8,600, but he’s still producing the same great results. In his past ten days, he is averaging 41 fantasy points while putting up a very nice double double line of 20 points and 10 rebounds.  He faces an Emeka Okafor led big man group which is pretty laughable. We are expecting big things from DMC on this Wednesday night.

Are You Feeling Lucky Like Us?
We’re rolling with two Celtics players tonight, both of which have solid matchups. Rajon Rondo has the best matchup for the Celtics tonight as they go up against the Hornets. Rondo will face the same defense that let Jrue Holiday put up monstrous numbers Tuesday night. Tonight Rondo looks to put up his third triple double in his last five games. He is a play that you start your lineup with and leave him there.

Paul Pierce is our other Celtics player on the squad tonight. His price is pretty favorable across all sites, and has been very consistent as of late. He has gone for 32 or more in four of his last five games while going for over 50 in two of them. With Rondo on your lineup we like to think you’ll be “killing two birds with one stone” if you put Pierce on the team as well.

Jameer’s Full Nelson
Lately Jameer Nelson has put up big time numbers and has made it easy on fantasy enemies to tap out. Can you say 30+ points a night in each of his last nine games? Can you say 40+ points in five of those games? Nelson can, and with tonight’s game being at home we really love this play as we see the Pacers being an average road team that is no longer defensively dominant especially on a back to back.

The Stars of Dallas
The crew of Dallas is built around two players who both have top notch matchups tonight. To lead it off, Dirk Nowitzki has a great matchup against Patrick Patterson and Marcus Morris. Do we think those two can slow down the 6’11 leg out jump shot? Hellllllllll no and you shouldn’t either. Those two power forwards are among the worst in the league in doing anything good defensively.

OJ Mayo can never be considered unless one condition is met: is he playing at home? There’s a method to the madness and here’s why. He shoots much better at home which is huge for Draftday purposes. On the season he averages 20 points at home while averaging just a shade under 17 points on the road. He also shoots 5% better from the field and 7% better from behind the three point line. These are numbers you can’t ignore especially when he is facing the lowly Rockets.