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ESPN Hockey Challenge

Need a quick Crash Course on the NHL?

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Fantasy Hockey is the toughest of all 4 major sports.  It is a little easier when it is a salary based league instead of a draft.  For those of you who would like to start following hockey a bit deeper and ease your way into Fantasy Hockey, here is a great way to do it!  Instead of being forced to know 3rd lines of of all NHL teams, you can pick and choose any player from any roster even if someone else also has them on their roster.

Put your best team on the ice during the 2013 NHL season. The objective is to build a roster of NHL superstars while staying under the $100M salary cap and score the most points. Compete against friends or other fans from around the world. Play now!

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So how does it work? Each player in the NHL is assigned a salary based on performance (the top skaters will start just under $9 million, the goalies closer to $12 million) and you are given $100 million to build a roster of six forwards, four defensemen and two goaltenders. You are trying to accumulate points from goals (one point), assists (one point) and wins (two points). Shutouts provide a bonus point for goaltenders and any defensemen on an NHL team that earns a shutout also earn a bonus point. It's a simple game, yet it has nuances that will force you to really test your NHL prognostication this season.  Each week you have the option to change your lineup, but here's the rub: A players' salary is not static for the season. It will rise and fall based on performance and demand. However, you can save money on a player so long as you keep them locked into your lineup. Clever, right? If you see an obvious sleeper at $7 million before the season, you can lock him into your roster and keep him at $7 million while everyone else is paying $9 million by the time they notice. - Sean Allen, ESPN