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Carlos Santana vs Miguel Montero - Who Would You Rather Have

Carlos Santana is being drafted 40-50 slots ahead of Miguel Montero this year, and if you go the Santana route, you’re paying for upside. A former top prospect, Santana has highly-regarded offensive potential and could be a major contributor to your team if he realizes that potential. However--they key word is if; Montero actually ranked ahead of Santana last season despite fewer at-bats, and if a repeat is in order, you will have paid a higher price to draft an inferior player.

Santana has the higher ceiling, but as I mentioned when I advocated against taking Buster Posey in the 2nd round, I think catcher is a very deep position this year. On Yahoo, guys like Aramis Ramirez and Shin-Soo Choo are being drafted after Santana; I would rather grab one of them at that stage in the draft, and get a guy like Montero later for my catcher slot.

Keith actually ranked Montero one slot ABOVE Santana in his Catcher rankings. Do you agree?

Average Draft Position
  • Carlos Santana
    • Mock Draft Central - 50.6
    • MDC Experts Drafts - 57.2
    • Yahoo - 80.6
  • Miguel Montero
    • Mock Draft Central -  61
    • MDC Experts Drafts - 104.3
    • Yahoo - 123.1

vs. Left39650110302126180163050.2780.3960.4550.851
vs. Right8131291894523911614552001130.2320.3470.4370.784
Pre All-Star6268914740023871312146630.2350.3640.4090.773
Post All-Star583901523542890944117550.2610.3630.4790.842

vs. Left3553781220960281193000.2280.3030.3660.669
vs. Right9211292765953315712111205120.3000.3850.4820.867
Pre All-Star6188317539120103749140110.2830.3660.4470.813
Post All-Star65883182424221147513158010.2770.3600.4530.813

Who would you rather have? Maybe you disagree and think Santana is worth the price--let us know in the comments section!

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